This year’s Zhejiang college entrance examination full score essay aroused heated debate. The author not only quoted some famous philosophers, but also used a lot of uncommon words. Some people think that this is a student with philosophical expertise, but some experts also pointed out——

  Good composition first is to speak well

  Recently, an essay aroused unprecedented enthusiasm for comments from netizens.

  Copywriters have it, "translators" have it, and adaptors have it. This is this year's Zhejiang Provincial College Entrance Exam full score composition "Living on the Tree".

  In the 1000-character length, the author uses uncommon words such as "嚆 shi", "fumei", "婞 zhi", "zizi 矻矻", and also quoted many famous words of Western philosophers to demonstrate, making this article a reading experience "Not so good" or even "very distant."

  It is of course inappropriate to examine the college entrance examination composition with "selection of talents" as the most important task according to the standard of "beautiful writing". Whether it was the sensational composition of the college entrance examination in Jiangsu Province in 2001, "The Death of the Red Rabbit," or the composition of the college entrance examination in Zhejiang Province in 2007, which was known for its simple writing style, "Remembering the Sky", some people pointed out the "weaknesses" in their writing style, but these articles The brilliance of the thought shining behind can not be concealed, so it makes the author stand out.

  Behind the high-scoring essay, what selection mechanism is shown? For future college entrance examination candidates, what signals are worthy of attention?

Is "bad to read" and "poorly written" the same thing

  Chu Shurong, a special-grade Chinese teacher in Zhejiang middle school and a master's tutor in the teaching theory of Ningbo University, believes that this article shows the depth of the author's reading. "This is a child with philosophical preferences and specialties." Chu Shurong said.

  Liu Zhiqing, a senior teacher at Beijing No. 2 Middle School, also praised the author's in-depth reading of a large number of social science books. "The author's ideological and cultural level is very high, and he can write such thoughtful articles in 40 minutes to an hour, which fully demonstrates the author's talents. Such children should be selected."

  However, "difficult to read" also exists objectively. Many commentators pointed out that this composition was filled with rhetoric, "not to speak well", and full of "awkward translation style".

  Even when this composition was first judged, it was too obscure and the teacher gave a just passing score of 39 points.

  The Ministry of Education hired the editor-in-chief of Chinese textbooks for primary and secondary schools, Wen Rumin, to bluntly stated that the language of this article was obscure, "Some sentences are impractical, like poor translations. It is not good to speak well. This is a bad style of writing."

  Yu Xiaobing, a Chinese teacher at the High School Affiliated to Beijing Normal University, believes that the ability to express ideas is a basic requirement for composition in the examination room, and it is not desirable to create a reading barrier through obscure expressions.

  The reporter learned in the interview that almost all frontline language teachers believe that the original intention of writing is to express ideas smoothly, and that the original intention of expression will be lost if the writing is obscure. "This can be seen from the large difference in the scores given by the two teachers. The first teacher gave only passing points, and the second teacher gave 55 points. The score difference exceeded 5 points, which made this composition be sent to In the third trial, they got full marks. Therefore, it is risky to choose this way of expression in the college entrance examination examination room." Liu Zhiqing told reporters.

Do you want to emulate the full score composition?

  In 2001, the composition "The Death of the Red Rabbit" with full score in the college entrance examination of Jiangsu Province used the ancient vernacular style to tell the story of the red rabbit and horse swearing to the death to follow the famous general Guan Yu. Although the article was short, the lingering rhyme was long, which moved the marking teacher at that time. However, a detail from that year has been ignored by most people today, that is, when this article was published in the newspaper, it was "edited" by the marking team.

  The main idea of ​​the composition of the year was to ask students to talk about "honesty". This article focused on "the scholar dies for his confidant", emphasized "loyalty" and ignored "trust", and there were some minor flaws in the writing. In 2001, He Yongkang, the head of the Jiangsu College Entrance Examination Marking Team, personally modified this article to deepen the concept of "integrity" and revised some text. He said that this move is to provide a better material for future "teaching" and "learning." The follow-up process confirmed He Yongkang's vision at the time. After the article was published, various provinces and cities have indeed ushered in a number of cases of composition imitating ancient classical Chinese.

  Although it is not recommended to follow suit, there is always a demonstration effect behind the full score composition. Yu Xiaobing said that it is not recommended for students to simply "copy" this year's "Living on a Tree". "Such a style of writing is obvious, and a negligence may lead to "painting a tiger and not a dog".

  Liu Zhiqing said that she would recommend this article to her students, not to imitate the style of writing, but to learn his reading ability. "This student's book list looks unique. In terms of breadth, it is not easy for high school students to read through the "History of Western Philosophy" and other speculative social science books. The process of reading is lonely, I hope I Of students can experience this child’s enthusiasm for reading through this article."

  Chu Shurong also said that he would recommend reading to students, "you can learn from the process of his reading accumulation and integrate his thoughts into writing. These should be advocated."

  Writing an essay is a process from "input" to "output". Chu Shurong said that he would recommend some books on thinking in images to students who lack expressiveness, some commentaries on current affairs for students who "do not speak well", and some books on thought and theory for students who "like straightforward narrative". In short, the ability to read and the enthusiasm for reading test students' ability to construct knowledge and can also measure the depth of students' thoughts.

College entrance examination composition test what

  What is the main test of the college entrance examination composition? Wen Rumin put it in a nutshell, "What is tested is the written expression ability of students." "This includes basic language organization skills, as well as the thinking skills required for expression. Writing is not the first essential point of college entrance examination composition, but the written expression should be clear and accessible."

  "There is a difference between college entrance examination composition and ordinary writing. This is prescriptive writing in a specific situation. It belongs to'not completely free' writing. Don't use the standard of general writing or literary creation to make an analogy." Wen Rumin reminded teachers and students.

  Chu Shurong believes that the college entrance examination composition first examines the students' thoughts, expressing "the depth of the students' understanding of the world". Chu Shurong said, "then is the rationality of thinking, which shows the students' literary quality. Then there is language expression, whether there are any wrong sentences. This shows the students’ basic Chinese application level. Finally, the emotional expression is to check whether the students use'I write my heart'."

  Regarding this article, Chu Shurong believes that the author hides "emotion" behind his thoughts, "this is also a way of writing."

  These four methods can have various combinations. Chu Shurong said: “Whether it is holding a bunch of wheat ears or riding the clouds for nine days, as long as it meets the requirements of the college entrance examination composition, you can get a reasonable score.”

  There is a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand viewers. Perhaps the composition of "Living on a Tree" does not meet the aesthetics of some readers. However, as experts say, the college entrance examination is a process of measuring and selecting talents. Selection is the essence of it. Nineteen years have passed, and the teenager who wrote "Death of the Red Rabbit" finally engaged in writing work. His stand out shows the wisdom of the censors that year. In 2009, an examinee from Sichuan Province wrote an essay for the college entrance examination using ancient characters such as oracle bone inscriptions and bronze inscriptions. After that, he was exceptionally admitted to Jincheng College of Sichuan University.

  Many experts said that in the future selection and admission work, whether the students' thoughts revealed in the composition can be linked with the enrollment of colleges and universities, so as to further make the best use of their talents is the "future reform goal."

(Our reporter Yao Xiaodan)