Wishing to be the "last bombed area" In and out of Japan Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Day of 75 years August 9 4:46

It has been 75 years since 9 days since the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki. As the size of the peace prayer ceremony is reduced and the new coronavirus also affects memorial events, the A-bomb site Nagasaki offers prayers to the victims and makes a wish and determination that "Nagasaki will be the last A-bomb site" It will be one day to send to domestic and overseas.

On the 9th of the "Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Day", which marks the 75th anniversary of the year, a peace prayer ceremony was held at Peace Park in Nagasaki City from 10:45 am, including the atomic bomb survivors, Prime Minister Abe, and representatives of about 70 countries. Will attend.

This time, to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, no general attendees will be set up, and the number of attendees is expected to be about 10% of the usual year, about 500 people.

The ceremony will include a list of 185,982 victims of the atomic bomb, with 3406 names added including those who died in the past year.

Then, at 11:02 am, when the atomic bomb broke, we offered silence.

Three years ago, regarding the world's nuclear disarmament, the United Nations adopted the Nuclear Weapons Convention, which was a long-cherished wish of atomic bomb survivors.

On 6th of this month, three new countries ratified on the day of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, leaving seven countries up to the 50 needed for the treaty to come into effect.However, nuclear-weapon states are promoting modernization of nuclear weapons and becoming non-nuclear-weapon states. The path to the abolition of nuclear weapons remains uncertain as the conflict between the two deepens.

Mayor Tagami of Nagasaki City, in the Declaration of Peace, calls for the threat of nuclear weapons to be shared by the people of the world as a common issue, as they face the threat of the new coronavirus. I am.

In addition, the Government of Japan is requested to promptly sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Nagasaki will be a day to commemorate the victims and to send their wishes and determination to make Nagasaki the last area to be bombed both inside and outside Japan.