Tomorrow Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Day Pumping up the water used for "water donation" at the Peace Memorial Ceremony August 8 11:51

75 years after the atomic bomb was dropped, Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Day on the 9th, children are preparing for the ritual of "water donation" to give water to the victims who died while seeking water I pumped up the water.

At the Peace Prayer Ceremony held on August 9th on the day of the Nagasaki atomic bomb, a "water donation" ceremony was held to pour water on the altar in order to memorialize the dead victims who were exposed to the heat rays of the atomic bomb and asked for water. Will be opened.

Before the ceremony on the 9th, the water used for "water donation" was pumped up at five locations in Nagasaki City, of which "The Fountain of Peace" in the Peace Park is the city responsible for water donation on the 9th. The three representatives of elementary and junior high school students and high school students drew water.
The three men used a dipper to carefully pour water into the bowl, and at the end all of them bowed.

Rinne Motomura (16), a second-year student at Nagasaki Commercial High School, said, “It's a peaceful world right now, but some people died 75 years ago seeking water. Be prepared to sleep peacefully in heaven. I want to donate water in full."

The Peace Memorial Ceremony will be held at 10:45 am on the 9th, with the number of attendees reduced to about one-tenth that of the usual 500 people due to the influence of the new coronavirus.