Paramount has shelved plans for a new Star Trek movie written and directed by Noah Hawley. The film department of the company has recently been led by Emma Watts and she decided to interrupt preparations to re-examine the course of the franchise, Deadline reports .

Hawley was hired about nine months ago to direct the new film that he wrote himself. Insiders say Watts has temporarily shut down the project to clarify the future of the Star Trek franchise within the company. There is no question of completely canceling the movie.

Paramount is also working on a Star Trek movie produced by Quentin Tarantino and written by Mark L. Smith. There were also plans to release a movie in the franchise that would add Chris Hemsworth to the cast. SJ Clarkson had previously been hired as a director, but left the project to work on Game of Thrones . It is currently unclear when these films will be released.

Star Trek started as a television series in 1966 and the first film of the series was released in 1979. The next film will be the fourteenth of the franchise.