On August 7, the "Shanghai Mobile Nucleic Acid Detection Shelter Laboratory" was officially delivered at Pudong International Airport. This is the first p2+ mobile nucleic acid testing laboratory in China that adopts a standard container size.

  80% of the testing equipment equipped comes from the R&D and production of domestic enterprises, and it can meet the testing needs of Shanghai Customs at least 200 copies/day after it is launched. After the laboratory is officially opened, it can support on-demand inspection at Pudong Airport, which can save 2 hours of waiting time compared with the original delivery to the urban laboratory.

  At the same time, the research team also equipped the laboratory with three mobile vehicles, including central control command, reagent preparation, and mobile sampling, which can be used as effective assistance to the laboratory.

  According to reports, in the future, laboratory testing capacity can be increased to 1,500 people per day. He Yuping, Shanghai Customs International Travel Health Care Center, said that while the team continues to optimize the performance of the shelter laboratory, it will continue to promote its realization of multi-scenario, multi-mode, and cross-regional applications, which is expected to meet the growing demand for nucleic acid testing at home and abroad. Contribute Shanghai's scientific and technological strength to the fight against the epidemic at home and abroad. (Edited by Zheng Yingying and Xu Mingrui Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]