Actor Kwon Min-ah (27) from AOA, who has claimed to have been harassed by a girl group member, committed self-harm and was transferred to the hospital, the agency said on the 8th that there was no harm in life.

Woori Actors said, "In the afternoon of the 8th, Kwon Min-ah hurt himself and was taken to the emergency room. There is no harm to life."

Earlier, Kwon Min-ah posted a post on the social network service (SNS) that said, "I'm going to be happy. This is too painful" with a picture of self-harmful body parts.

Through this article, Min-ah Kwon referred to CEO Han Sung-ho of former agency FNC Entertainment, including Jimin and Seolhyun, who had been active in AOA together, and claimed that they were "the people who drove the death of a normal person."

An official from Woori Actors who saw this post reported to the police, and a firefighter dispatched with the police moved Minah Kwon to a nearby hospital.

Kwon Min-ah, who left AOA last year, revealed last month that he made several extreme choices after being harassed by leader Jimin during his team activities.

When the controversy grew, Jimin withdrew from the team and stopped working in the entertainment industry.

However, Kwon Min-ah recently posted on social media one after another and criticized some members such as Seolhyun as "bystanders."

(Yonhap News)

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