China News Service, Urumqi, August 8 (Sun Tingwen, Li Zhouwei, Hong Wenle) According to China Earthquake Networks, the incident occurred in Tuokexun County, Turpan City, Xinjiang (43.23 degrees north latitude, 87.67 degrees east longitude) at 8:35 on August 8 A magnitude 4.8 earthquake has a focal depth of 20 kilometers.

  After the earthquake, netizens in Urumqi, Changji, Korla, Shihezi and other places posted messages on Weibo saying that they felt "shaking" and "waking up in a deep sleep"...

The Shihezi City Fire Rescue Detachment immediately activated the earthquake-pull plan. Photo courtesy of Shihezi Fire Rescue Detachment

  The reporter learned from the Turpan Fire Rescue Detachment that the Turpan Fire Rescue Detachment has not yet received any reports of the disaster and casualties, and is ready for earthquake rescue. At present, firefighters are rushing to Toksun County. The Toksun County Fire Rescue Brigade has sent personnel to the earthquake site.

  In addition, the neighboring Changji Fire and Rescue Detachment immediately mobilized the heavy earthquake rescue team. A total of 9 vehicles, 45 people, and 1 search and rescue dog assembled in the camp to check the equipment. The Shihezi Fire Rescue Detachment also immediately activated the earthquake-pull plan, assembled earthquake rescuers, inspected equipment and equipment, and made full preparations.

Turpan Fire Rescue Detachment sent personnel to Toksun County. Photo courtesy of Turpan Fire Rescue Detachment

  According to the microblog of Xinjiang Earthquake Administration, there are three villages within 5 kilometers of the Toksun 4.8 earthquake, and no townships within 20 kilometers. The epicenter was 63 kilometers away from Urumqi. (Finish)