What was the reason why Jeju lawyer Lee was murdered?

The second part of the Jeju lawyer's murder case was released under the subtitle of'Finding a Murder Client' in SBS'I want to know that' aired on the 8th.

In November 199, a lawyer from a prosecutor was found dead in his vehicle. The murder of this lawyer, who died of a fatal injury to the sternum, remained as a permanent unsanctioned case after the statute of limitations was over.

And the case was tracked through a broadcast last June, and the police launched a re-investigation based on the truths revealed after nine months of coverage.

At this time, however, Kim contacted again, who said in the broadcast in June that the lawyer's death case was a murder teacher and that his friend was a murder teacher.

He said, "When the broadcast goes out, that's what I'm done," he said, and was afraid of the broadcast of the murder case of the lawyer in Jeju. At the same time, he still questioned the person who taught the murder.

The last broadcast helped attorney Lee to declare conscience of a young man who received money from a candidate during the 1998 Governor of Jeju Island, and speculated that the case may have something to do with the lawyer's death.

And through Kim's testimony, the broadcast analyzed that he was an accomplice or at least was at the scene of the incident, and that it was to press the murder client for his intentions to contact the broadcast.

Broadcasting repeatedly tried to contact Mr. Kim to find the person who was in charge of Lee's murder. However, it was difficult to contact him, and from some point onward, he was able to confirm that he gradually changed his statement to his advantage.

A police officer who knows about Mr. Kim said, "It's a stature to the activists. I was a manager and a sales manager in Santa Maria. I'm a person whose interests are more important than the loyalty of the organization." I went to visit and asked for money,” he testified.

In addition, a former entertainment industry official also added to Kim, "There must have been something else happening in the organization."

Broadcasting met Mr. Son, who in the past helped attorney Lee to declare conscience. "I admit that this lawyer would not have died if he had not been involved in this case. He died because of me." He also regretted passing all the data related to the case to this lawyer.

Mr. Son said, "This lawyer was supposed to meet with Hong Joon-pyo, because it is the other lawyer, so would he not have shared the data with them." Accordingly, the broadcast contacted Hong Joon-pyo and the lawyer at the time. However, he did not contact Hong Joon-pyo, and another lawyer replied that he had nothing to remember about the case.

So, where did the lawyer keep the materials handed over by Son? Accordingly, we traced the data on the lawyer's laptop, owned by Mr. Go Gyeong-song, the secretary of lawyer Lee. However, it was regrettable that no meaningful trace could be found.

The production crew suspected Kim, who was trying to apologize even though he had no real involvement with him, and asked about his intention. However, Mr. Kim said, "Isn't I contacting you? If you come out like this, you're very angry."

In response, Mr. Kim's acquaintance said, "I think I expected to be able to receive money from the bereaved through a declaration of conscience." And this acquaintance knew what was similar to the full story of the incident Kim revealed to the production crew. However, one thing was different.

Mr. Kim's acquaintance testified that "there was something related to the Japanese, and in the process, there was a conflict with a lawyer."

And the production crew confirmed that the representative of the Green Tourist Hotel, which was owned by the Japanese at the time, changed to this lawyer in 1998. At the time, the court appointed this lawyer as the representative of the hotel due to a legal dispute. And this hotel was also related to Mr. Kim.

The person who took over the hotel prior to Lee's appointment as representative was Chairman Han, and this person was the person Kim mentioned on the day of the incident to prove his alibi.

In response, Jeju-do officials said, "Chairman Han didn't have a connection to Jeju Island. So, Mr. Kim took the job. Maybe he did harm to this lawyer to take Santa Maria. It was President Han who gave Santa Maria to Kim. "

In addition, a person who was motive of Mr. Kim and Yoo Tak-pan at the time said that he had no knowledge of the lawyer's murder teacher. "Eight motives decided to do the complex. So we have to discuss anything together, but no one knows this. We did it alone." Said.

The production crew asked Kim again about the existence of a chairman. Then he appeared surprised at the one of the presidents he mentioned without his knowledge. And he said that he helped him who had no kite in Jeju, but that he had hurried to flee abroad and the relationship was cut off.

Chairman Han was also present in the investigation records related to the murder of this lawyer. He had frequent conflicts with this lawyer because of the lawsuit.

And the production crew followed Han Chairman. And a few years ago, in a Korean town in the United States, I discovered CCTV footage of a restaurant threatening a customer with a knife.

After an inquiry, the production team found a chairman's residence and met him. He commented on the past broadcast even before the production crew's question came up. And he said that there was no conflict with the lawyer, and that Mr. Kim's existence "we didn't need enough people to use such a person."

He also argued that the reason for his sudden departure to the United States was that he had to make such a decision because his business collapsed.

Accordingly, the production crew asked Kim more pressing questions about Chairman Han. He still avoided the answer to the person who instigated the murder and asked if he had learned more about the president. In particular, I asked if I had all the money and checked whether it was true or not.

Professor Kwon Il-yong, who heard this, analyzed, "I make a statement in a style that describes the relationship between the subject and his/her in detail, but it seems necessary to confirm the facts as he calls the title of one president and does not explain the background at all."

An acquaintance I had known with Chairman Han in the United States said, "He ran a hotel in Jeju Island, and when he came to the United States, he brought a full of cash as a golf bag. And he also had a case in Jeju Island and said that he had a knife to kill anyone anyway. "

In addition, officials of the Green Tourist Hotel in the past said, "It seems that gangsters were playing with the hotel. Mr. Han seems to have caused all the problems. He is an intermediary. All people in the world of fists, but from the casino it was very complicated."

And it turned out that the people who took over the hotel at a bargain price were the people of the chairman. In fact, hotels with more than 11 billion won were bid for 4 billion won through several rounds.

In response, the expert analyzed, "It seems that one person came and received a bid," and said, "It is highly likely that the auction was prevented, thinking that it was not possible for anyone to buy a person with a gangster who is difficult to name as a tenant."

The broadcast began with speculation that Lee's death was related to the Jeju governor's election in 1998. However, through additional coverage, a new person named Han has risen to the surface.

A former Green Tourist Hotel employee said, "I know that I took over the hotel to take over the casino." In fact, the way Han Chairman and his party was going to take over the casino. They took over the management of a hotel casino in Jeju by borrowing money with a huge green tourist hotel as collateral. A casino where astronomical money and splendid connections are mobilized to obtain operation rights. The final decision on the Jeju casino business was with the governor.

At that time, the Governor was the candidate A, the subject of the Declaration of Conscience Lee was involved in.

Finally, the production crew asked Chairman Han about his friendship with the governor at the time. Then he insisted, "No, I'm not interested."

But why did President Han go to the United States just before he got what he was aiming for? In response, hotel officials said, "People think that when Mr. Han went to the United States, he went with a lot of things." Another official said, "Why would you have run away so quickly, there are so many things to eat. The reason was that I ran away with fear."

At the end of the broadcast, Mr. Kim asked the production crew where he lived. Accordingly, the production crew asked again about the last person in charge of the murder. But he couldn't finish his true confession and remained silent.

In addition, the broadcast worried that Kyeong-jeong, a noisy person related to Yu Tak-pa, is still a Jeju police officer, and requested that the beautiful culture of Jeju, which shares recognition and cares for each other in a small community, does not affect the lawyer's re-investigation. .

(SBS funE Kim Hyo-jung Editor)