, August 7th, telling the legendary life of a generation of patriotic martial arts master Huo Yuanjia, "Heroes Huo Yuanjia" is currently on CCTV. From a five-five battle with the hero of the big sword to rescue Tan Sitong, from being framed by a traitor and losing his father and brother to getting out of the predicament, once again in the martial arts, "Heroes Huo Yuanjia" tells the story of Huo Yuanjia ups and downs and exciting.


  In the snowy night, Huo Yuanjia and Lu Siying, the villain who had repeatedly framed him and killed his lover, launched a desperate duel for the people. A splendid martial arts show not only showed the real skills of the protagonists, but also let the audience once again understand Fearless's generosity and kindness.

  The popularity of "Heroes Fearless" is not only due to the exciting martial arts scenes and patriotism, but also the unique awakening and pride of martial arts people, which allows contemporary people to feel the charm of heroes across time and space.

  The new martial arts advocated by Huo Yuanjia that "abandon the conflicts between different schools and end the sectarian dispute is the beginning of tenacity", not only makes people yearn for, but also makes people feel deaf.

  Under such a beautiful vision, Chen Zhen, who is famous for various film and television dramas, also appeared. Together with his master Sun Wuji, he launched the strongest challenge to Huo Yuanjia and Jingwumen.

  Different from the previous opponents, Sun Wuji and Chen Zhen's attitude towards Huo Yuanjia is a mystery. What exactly did the heroes Huo Yuanjia do so that Sun Wuji and Chen Zhen's masters and apprentices chase him every day. What kind of twists and turns did Chen Zhen and Huo Yuanjia go through, making him one of Huo Yuanjia's most famous apprentices.