For a long time, there is a saying that has been praised by many parents-to become famous as soon as possible! How early is it early? Recently, in a singing competition in a certain place in Shandong, a judge who was "famous" was invited. An 8-year-old child star girl savvyly commented on the uncles, aunts, and even grandparents. , The picture made people feel mixed. Should we envy and praise the little girl for "winning at the starting line", or should we worry and question her childhood being "consumed" by adults?

  Some people may say that child stars have always existed, so there is no need to worry about others; perhaps others say that existence is reasonable, and there is no need to make a fuss. But we still want to say that childhood should be innocent and innocent, and there is really no need to bear the "heavy burden" that adults should bear early, to cater to the aesthetic taste of adults, and to be a "tool to satisfy the vanity and utilitarianism of adults." people". For a child, is it important to enjoy the rich remuneration and popularity that many adults can't get early, or is it happier to live a life of his age every day? Perhaps no one can give a standard answer, but it is a question worthy of discussion and consideration.

  We are not opposed to giving talented children enough opportunities to become "stars", but we don't want more and more adults to sacrifice their children's childhood or even "make stars" against their children's wishes. Whether it is practitioners, the media or parents, they should stay a little sober, not to lose themselves in the commercial hype, and forget the responsibility and obligation to protect the healthy and happy growth of children in the face of fame and wealth. After all, a child’s childhood cannot be repeated, and there will be no "regret medicine" for sale in the world.

  I suddenly remembered that I had read a very philosophical story a long time ago: a traveler passed by a small village full of beautiful scenery and aura, and asked the elderly at the entrance of the village, there must have been some great people born here? The old man did not lift his head and replied that no big people had been born here, but babies were born.

  Do you understand the deep meaning of the old man's words? So, let the child be a child, it's good!

  Author: Wei Lei super