Beijing News (Reporter Liu Ruiming and intern Zheng Xuejing) Jining 8-year-old child star Xiaoyuyu (stage name, real name Wang Tingyu) commented as a judge in a folk singing competition, which raised doubts. On August 6, Xiao Yuyu's father told the Beijing News reporter that he was a member of the organizer, so he took Xiao Yuyu to the event, and the child was not an official judge. In addition, he believes, "Reviews regardless of age, children have their own opinions on singing."

Xiao Yuyu commented on the scene of the singer contest. Video screenshot

  On August 2, the video of child star Xiaoyuyu commenting on adult singers was circulated on the Internet.

  The live video showed that after a female player finished singing, Xiao Yuyu commented, “I found that in some places, the sound was a bit rough and the movements were a little bit more. Another video showed that Xiao Yuyu commented on a male singer , "The rhythm is a little bit and I didn't find a shot. Or else, uncle, you go home and practice again. "

  The live pictures show that the competition is called "2020 China Jining National Singers Competition". The venue is located in Jining, Shandong, and the organizer is the Jining Citizen Performance Industry Association.

  On August 6, Xiao Yuyu’s father, Mr. Wang, responded that he was a member of the Jining Citizens’ Performance Industry Association, “This is an event organized by our association. Because children love singing since they were young, I took her with him. ."

  According to his introduction, Xiao Yuyu is not the official judge of the competition. Her comments on the scene are only relaying the opinions of the judges, plus some of her own opinions. "At that time, she was asked to comment because she felt that she had a certain performance ability and could interact with everyone on the spot and bring people happiness."

  According to the organizer's staff Mr. Liu, two professional music teachers were scoring the singers. Xiao Yuyu has no right to decide whether the contestants will go or stay. "Xiao Yuyu and her father participated in the competition as guests, and there was no registration fee for the contestants."

  However, after the video was circulated on the Internet, it caused doubts. It was believed that 8-year-old children commented on the adult singer competition as "impolite" and "disrespectful to the players."

  Regarding the above questions, Mr. Wang believes that the children's comments on the scene are targeted and indeed point out some problems. In addition, Xiao Yuyu participated in local variety shows when he was less than two years old, and has since participated in the recording of multiple TV stations' evening shows. "Comments regardless of age, she also has her own opinions on singing performances."

  Public information shows that Xiaoyuyu's real name is Wang Tingyu, from Jining, Shandong. He has participated in the recording of many variety shows, including "Avenue of Stars", "Very 6+1", "I Am a Big Star" and so on. Xiao Yuyu’s father’s social platform shows that Xiao Yuyu is a “famous child star” and a “popular TV variety show”. The performances include singing, talk show, and tongue twister.