Martien Meiland has had it completely, Ferry Doedens has lost his job and Nicolette van Dam makes a mistake. An overview of last week's entertainment world.

Everyone knows your name, people want to be photographed with you and everywhere you enter they do their utmost to make you feel comfortable: a lot of people really want nothing more than to taste the fame. It is not without reason that there are thousands of influencers, vloggers and YouTubers who try to make it in any way.

The real fame often turns out not to be as much fun as was thought, because suddenly walking the dogs yourself is no longer an option without being recognized by people. In your coffee to the supermarket around the corner is no longer there, because everyone wants to take a selfie there too.

The Meiland family was already very well known by the broadcast of Ik Depart , but with the arrival of their own realo soap at SBS6 it really went awry. Millions of viewers, a Televizier ring: there was no fun. Bookings for the bed and breakfast poured in and the family became more and more popular. But that also brought the lesser sides of fame, because without announcement there were more and more Dutch people in the castle who just came by for a glass of wine.

The family asked people not to do that, put up signs in the driveway and seemed to be able to take it easy again until they announced they were moving back to the Netherlands. Where Martien could go to the supermarket without a disguise in France, things could be very different in the Netherlands.

No problem: a house was built with a huge fence around it, so the family could at least keep uninvited guests away from their house. This week, however, it turned out that a gate is not enough, because Story was waiting for the family when they arrived from France and RTL Boulevard and AD were uninvited a day later.

Where the photographer of Story was allowed to help with some boxes and the family happily posed in front of the door, RTL Boulevard did not get any further than the gate. The reporter on duty could ring whatever he wanted, but the imposing fence only opened to let Maxime out, who was still speaking to the program.

Martien was fed up for a while: he is unpacking the boxes and is ready for some privacy. And in itself that should be possible in your own home.


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Now really goodbye

We all know it: sometimes you can not really say goodbye to someone or something and try it, while you actually know better, one more time. Whether it's a relationship, a friendship or a hobby, you want to make sure you've done everything you can to make it work.

Ferry Doedens was fired from Good Times , Bad Times in 2015 because his drug addiction got in the way of his work. The actor regularly failed to keep appointments and the working relationship became unmanageable. Fortunately, after a withdrawal period, things went a lot better with Ferry and producer Endemol also saw reason to have his character Lucas Sanders return.

It went well for a long time, but a few months ago it started to mess around. Ferry said he cared little about the corona measures and just hugged everyone. That was completely wrong with his bosses. The actor was not welcome on the set until after two weeks of quarantine.

That seemed to go well, until rumors started this week that a party with Gordon was the final straw for Endemol and that Ferry had to leave the soap. It took a while, but Ferry finally said goodbye.

"The situation around corona has not left me in the cold clothes, so I am not feeling very well lately. That has resulted in my failure to meet a number of agreements. I understand that this is a difficult one for my employer situation has been. "

Convenient is different

"I love you." These are the words that a lot of people long for and people like to speak to each other (sometimes with a bit of tension), but every now and then they are words that can cause a terrible discomfort. Nicolette van Dam can discuss this: she thought someone declared love, but that resulted in accusations of racism.

Nicolette was so grateful for Chef Jay's good food that she told him to love him in Chinese, but he went on without responding, leaving Nicolette with no other way out than to shout, "Don't you hear what I say to you? You speak Chinese, don't you speak Chinese? "

Anger was there online, because Nicolette was very racist. "Not every Asian is Chinese," people wrote in response.

In the end, the situation turned out to be a little less severe than everyone thought: the chef had simply not noticed and it turned out that Nicolette was not saying her best. "I love you", she finally heard back.