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  On August 2, at a singing competition in Jining, Shandong, an 8-year-old child star was questioned when a judge commented on adult singing. The incident also aroused people's attention to child stars. More and more child stars appear on the screen, which also ignited the dream of parents "seeing their children to become stars".

  A woman with experience in Jining told reporters that in a third-tier city like Jining, it is very difficult to train child stars. On the one hand, it is lack of resources. On the other hand, for ordinary families with no background and relationships, it is necessary to train To be a child star, first of all, the child must have a certain talent, and the other is "rich". In fact, cultivating child stars is not as seen by "outsiders". To a certain extent, for many ordinary families, the process of realizing child star dreams means endless "spending money". ◎Text/Picture: Shi Juan, Shandong Business Daily·Subao News reporter

  [Survey] Focus on talent training

  The reporter visited many children's art training institutions in Jining and found that there were not many institutions, including companies that built child stars. But the overall focus is still on training children's skills, and there are very few well-known child stars. For a child star like Xiao Yuyu, a teacher from a child star company believes that Xiao Yuyu's variety show has a strong sense of joy and meets the director's needs for variety show production.

  The reporter came to a training company on Wutaizha Road, Rencheng District, Jining City. This company is on an office building with residential communities around the office building. You can see it when you enter the door. The door says: eloquence, Latin, model, pop dance, Chinese dance, calligraphy and painting training. There are three parents in the corridor, the sound of dynamic music is heard in the classroom, and the children are taking Latin dance lessons.

  "Hello everyone, my name is...I am 8 years old this year. I like playing basketball, reading books, skipping rope..." In another classroom, several children were taking eloquence training courses. The student's voice was loud and clear. “When we stand on the stage to perform for everyone, we must have rich expressions, our eyes must look at the audience, and we must have physical movements." The teacher in the class said that they hope to cultivate children's abilities in all aspects. In addition to this children's training company, there is another eloquence training institution on the same floor.

  In the Chongwen Art Building, which is about 3 kilometers away, there are more than 10 children's training institutions upstairs, covering dance, English, music, calligraphy, education, taekwondo, chess, etc. The surrounding area of ​​the art building is also a community. Around 12 noon, many parents waited downstairs to pick up their children home.

  [Market] "360-degree" build

  A staff member of a child star training company said, “We have the opportunity to be on TV here. It can be a local TV station, as well as Shandong Station and CCTV. They are both host and have the opportunity to play TV. Of course not. It is said that there are a lot of lines and celebrities. The key is to see what kind of child star you want to train your child into, and where you want to be on TV. Our teachers here are also more professional. "According to the children’s age, the courses are divided For different levels, the training fee is different. The classes are divided into large classes and small classes, with about five or six people in small classes. In addition, there are VIP classes. Ordinary dance courses are several thousand yuan a year.

  "The children who are in class here also have the opportunity to perform. Through the announcement of the young actors, we send them to the selection, but whether they can be selected or not has to be determined by the director team." The staff member also said that they have a complete curriculum system. In terms of basic sound training, body shape, talents, etc., children are created by '360 degrees'."

  According to the "2015-2020 China Children’s Art Training Industry Market Outlook and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" released by the Foresight Industry Research Institute, there are currently more than 220 million children aged 2-12 in China. More than 100 million visits.

  A parent who was picking up the child home told reporters that her child is ten years old and has learned folk dance. He has now reached level four and has the opportunity to perform outside. "In Jining, most of them are outside school activities organized by the school. , Can also be on TV, but such performances need to pay, usually one or two hundred yuan per child.” She said, “There are many schools here, and the price ranges from two thousand yuan up.”

  [Parents] Cultivate comprehensive talents

  Reiko was sitting in the corridor of a child star training institution. She accompanied her son to class. Reiko told reporters that she is the mother of two children. The eldest son is over 9 years old and the youngest daughter is over four years old. The eldest son has been training eloquence since he was over four years old. “I used to have classes in other places and came here later. There is a chance to be on TV, but I don’t want my child to be on TV. Just cultivate his abilities.” In Reiko’s view, If parents urge their children to participate in training just to let their children on TV, they seem to be irresponsible for their children’s education.

  After studying eloquence classes for more than four years, Reiko said that her son has changed a lot. "My child’s personality is a bit shy, but after taking the eloquence class, the child’s personality is better, and his language skills have improved. I think this is the case. That's it." Reiko said, now her son is studying Chinese painting, "This is what he likes, and boys are also good at painting and can be more careful."

  At present, Reiko is considering enrolling her four-year-old daughter for an eloquence class, but the training organization thinks that the child is too young, "it is too early to come to class now, and the child can't understand it."

  Liang Yun and Lingzi share the same view, “It’s better to cultivate children’s skills than to be famous just to be on TV.” Liang Yun is also from Jining. A few years ago, she worked for a child star company in Beijing, and later returned to Jining after getting married and having children. , As a school affair in a children's training institution in Jining.

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  Child star shaping varies from person to person, parents don’t blindly "smash money"

  The reporter visited and found that some child star training companies are different from general art training institutions, and some are the same as art training institutions. Liang Yun, who once worked in a child star company in Beijing, said that the company not only provides opportunities for auditions and performances, but also arranges brokers to bring them. A broker is an employee of the company. A broker brings a child star. If there is Agents need to be accompanied throughout the process of long-term performances and filming. In addition, for young child stars, parents also need to follow when entering the crew. "All those below high school need parents to follow. They must be fathers or mothers. Grandparents are not allowed."

  Liang Yun told reporters that she had worked as an agent and crew in Beijing, and brought several child stars. The brokerage company is also responsible for the packaging of the "personal design" image of the child star, the production and promotion of soft texts, and the marketing of Weibo copywriting, etc., and these are expensive and cost tens of thousands. At the same time, children’s cultural lessons cannot be left behind. To balance the two, some parents will ask special teachers to teach their children. “A child star in Beijing needs 100,000 to 300,000 courses for one year, all one-to-one. "In addition, a child needs to be assigned an agent. The agent is an employee of the company. If the parent needs to make the child photogenic, he will sign a contract with the company. “Like first-tier cities, you can export child stars, but in third-tier cities, one is that the financial capacity is not up to the level, and the other is that the parental recognition is not up to the level, and the resources are not so much.” Although the company name also has the word child star, Liang Yun told Reporter, "In fact, parents should still decide according to their children's personal circumstances. The children's talents and interests are very important. If the children don't like it, the parents' insistence will only be counterproductive." (The characters in the text are all pseudonyms)