Greater than an earthquake, and less than a nuclear bomb, Beirut's commercial port was struck by the explosion of warehouses for storing dangerous materials, which were sufficient to remove Beirut from the map had it not been for the kindness of God, and then the sea swallowed the biggest storm, the repercussions of which Cyprus and Jordan felt.

The episode (7/8/2020) of the program "Above the Power" dealt with its topics with the following titles: The devastating earthquake in Beirut on the rubble of corruption. Hussein Al Jasmi sang for Lebanon on the Army Day. Feast, cooperation and love between the UAE and Iran. Haftar appreciates the Salafists and praises their loyalty to the homeland. Qatari Ghanem Al-Muftah, future diplomat.

In the port of Beirut, people and wheat were burned, thousands were injured and millions were displaced ... the world was shocked, and the Lebanese filmed and saw a port connecting the East with the West, being smashed, and the storm destroyed thousands of homes whose windows became more expensive than the salaries of their inhabitants in the pandemics of Corona and the dollar and corrupted a political class, loyalty and opposition In recent history, according to the description of the youth of the uprising ... the authority promised to hold officials accountable in a speech in which it seemed to absolve itself in advance of any responsibility.

The news is accelerating and analyzes are many, and more than the horrific scenes documented by hundreds of family and personal cameras, which were summoned by the first and then second explosions to testify to the red earthquake and the white mushroom cloud, which mentioned Hiroshima.

The current government, the girl of the six months, was keen to remind the Lebanese that the problem of suspicious storage in the port began when other governments and administrations were there.

As for Emirati singer Hussein Al Jasmi, he was there as well, in Beirut, via satellite .. Before the night of the earthquake, he sang for Lebanon on the Army Day.

At the same festival, the wonderful choir, Nizar Qabbani, sang "Ya Beirut". But he replaced it with the phrase bullet, that the revolution is born from the womb of sorrows, with "Lala Lala. Lala becomes in Lebanon, a new political term meaning revolution."