Actors Yasushi Seto and Mizuki Yamamoto announce their marriage August 7 20:28

Actors Yasushi Seto and Mizuki Yamamoto, who are both active in dramas and movies, announced their marriage.

Mr. Yasushi Seto and Mr. Mizuki Yamamoto submitted a marriage registration to the ward office in Tokyo on the 7th through the office to which Mr. Seto belongs and announced that they were married jointly.

Among them, the two commented to fans and related people, ``I am convinced that they are important people who do not want to lose each other in the time to face themselves in this situation now "We would like to build our own kind and gentle family with a common hobby and similar feeling."

Seto is 32 years old from Fukuoka prefecture. He has appeared in many TV dramas and movies, including NHK's serial TV novels "Manpuku" and "Asagata Kita".

Yamamoto is 29 years old from Fukuoka prefecture. In addition to acting as an actor, he has also been active as a model in NHK's taiga drama "Idaten" and Saturday drama "64".