"The King of Cross-Border Singers" surprised to see "the smallest difference in history" Li Zhiting was named the "best performer" of the season

  Produced jointly by Beijing Radio and Television Station and Tencent Music Entertainment Group, Shounong Food Group's Sanyuan 72℃ Premium Fresh Milk is exclusively named, Baxi, Guchuan, Dahongmen, Wang Zhihe, Yunong, Liubiju, Yuesheng The fifth season of Beijing Satellite TV's large-scale music program "The King of Crossover" supported by Zhai Strategy will usher in the final battle of the regular season this Saturday! Fierce competition upgrades, 4 sets of 1V1 brand new wheel battles are exciting! Wei Ya, Ling Xiaosu, Tang Yifei, Jiang Chao, and Liu Duanduan will be challengers to compete for promotion seats with singer Zheng Kai, Xiao Shenyang, Li Zhiting and Yu Yi. Not only did the professional jury "8:0" and "4:4" appear on the scene. The dramatic voting result of this season ushered in the smallest difference since the beginning of this season's show, full of gunpowder!

Jiang Chao gets rid of the "psychological shadow" and brings "the strongest debut" Liu Duanduan passionately shows his animation feelings

  In this issue of "The King of Crossover Singers", two powerful actors, Jiang Chao and Liu Duanduan, have joined in surprise, bringing more variables to the promotion of crossover singers! Jiang Chao used to portray a deeply rooted role in many film and television works, and also showed the "good husband and good father" side of life in many variety shows, allowing the audience to know him more, but in In addition to film and television works and life, Jiang Chao actually has a very strong musical strength! In this episode of the program, Jiang Chao bravely overcomes the psychological shadow on the stage caused by the broken sound, and astounds the audience with a very difficult "Wink". With gorgeous backing dancers and opera-like live performances, Jiang Chao's emotional singing and immersive stage performance have been unanimously recognized by music critics—"the best debut" and "feel the charm of singer Jiang Chao" . Faced with how strong opponents, what amazing moves will the singers make? Can Jiang Chao win the first battle and rise to the throne of the singer?

  Another powerful actor, Liu Duanduan, is even more surprising. Liu Duanduan, who once amazed the audience with the role of the second prince in "Celebrating Yu Nian", turned out to be a full anime fan in private. In the show, Liu Duanduan was dressed in the style of Michael Jackson. Deduct the theme song of "Slam Dunk" "Until the End of the World". Liu Duanduan was completely immersed in the world of music and animation. The passionate interpretation and the typhoon that ignited the audience made the whole song high energy and ignited the passion of the audience. However, the flaws in the performance were also sharply pointed out by music critics, who were criticized for "a little understanding of the band's music." In the face of these doubts, how would Liu Duanduan respond? In the program, Liu Duanduan regretted to tell the story of saying goodbye to the music stage, which is very moving. Can he advance as he wishes to enjoy the stage?

  What kind of stage skills will the two "newcomers" crossover singers show off? Can they hit the throne into the rematch? Stay tuned!

 Wei Ya’s voice is over-fatigued and she is on the verge of losing her voice. It is said that “live broadcasting is a sideline”.

  Although Wei Ya, who astounded everyone with a song "Just Ordinary" last week, failed to challenge the singer, but the special magnetic tone and delicate and perceptual performance left a deep impression on the audience. This week Wei Ya stood on the challenge again. But I encountered a problem before singing! It turned out that the continuous live broadcast, practice, and rehearsal every day, and the high-intensity work made Wei Ya's voice in a state of excessive fatigue, and the high-pitched voice was lost during the rehearsal. Because of fear of letting the audience down, Wei Ya broke down and cried. Weiya, who walked onto the stage under tremendous pressure, sang her sadness and unwillingness to "time is slowly being stolen" in a husky voice, and confided her regrets and sentimentality in the song. It has a unique charm! The excellent performance has been highly praised by music critics: "Live broadcasting is your sideline, singing is your main business." Can Wei Ya, who has been racing against time, beat time and herself again this time?

  In the last issue, Li Zhiting, who was "eating melons", finally waited for the opportunity to come on stage this issue. A self-playing and singing "Ordinary Road" not only incorporates British elements, but also shows a strong musical quality and musical aesthetics. Through his roaring voice, Li Zhiting sang the pursuit and expectation of youth and music dreams, and received high praise from the audience. He was called "the best performance since the show started." But in addition to the praise, there are also music critics' comments on the song. Deduction raised objections, thinking that Li Zhiting "maybe before the time to sing this song, the understanding of the ordinary does not make people feel particularly happy." When asked about his attitude towards music, Li Zhiting said on the program Music was his original intention. He asked himself: "If you continue to make music, will it be different?" Can Li Zhiting, who has never forgotten his music dream, impress the audience with his persistence?

 Xiao Shenyang sang affectionately and evokes childhood memories, Ling Xiaosu and Tang Yifei's "Women Singing Husbands" to perform the final trick

  In the program, he successfully realized the strength of the "three consecutive thrones" singer Wang Xiao Shenyang, this issue continues to try lyric songs, affectionate interpretation of Mao's original song "Northeast Folk Songs". As a native of Northeast China, Xiao Shenyang uses "the sound from his bones" to interpret the song's cordial and sad feelings. Paired with a loud, ethnically characteristic suona, it instantly brings people back to childhood. Even the shadow teacher, who is a native of Shanghai, heard his childhood from this song, and the appeal is evident. Xiao Shenyang's emotional singing not only sang and cried the music critics, but also moved the audience. Can he continue to be the king of singers and advance to the semi-finals smoothly?

  The audience was also touched by Ling Xiaosu and Tang Yifei's "Women Singing Husbands" version of "Ship Song". After previous performances, "Ling Xiaosu Rollover" has become a fixed track of "Crossover Singer" that has attracted much attention. This time the two who fought their backs have used the ultimate trick-body movement tips! The couple have a tacit understanding and perfect cooperation! Ling Xiaosu's progress in this field was applauded by the audience, and his sincerity and seriousness to the music made all music critics admire. Seeing that Ling Xiaosu finally received everyone's affirmation and encouragement, his wife Tang Yifei was moved to tears, and the two people's fairy love moved the audience. Tang Yifei expressed Ling Xiaosu in her own way: "Your happiness is my greatest happiness." The love story of Ling Xiaosu and Tang Yifei has not been finished yet, can they realize the transformation against the wind on the road of the king of singers?

  After the gunpowder-flavored wheel battle in this field, which players can take the lead in the semifinals? "Crossover Singer" provides a stage for every crossover singer to re-realize their dreams. How will they approach and realize their original dreams? Bravely cross, the king is born fearless! Forge ahead, life is more than that! During the prime time of this Saturday night, the sixth issue of "The King of Cross-Border Singer" of Beijing Satellite TV is shocking, so stay tuned!

  As the co-producer of the fifth season of "Crossover Singer", all the songs in "Crossover Singer" will be launched in the first time under Tencent Music Entertainment Group's QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and QuanminK Songs and other digital music platforms.