Webtoon writer and internet broadcaster Lee Mal-Yeon (Calm Man) publicly shot down the contract that he signed with, saying, "Please cancel the contract without a price."

"I was angry at the time of filming, but the staff suffered, so I tried to go over it," said Lee, who had 730,000 subscribers on the YouTube channel'Calm Man'. I kept communicating with the PD and blamed the manager."

The reason this last year said this was because of the recent chimpanzee discussion with webtoon writer Joo Ho-min. At the time, the broadcast received much attention from fans because it was revealed that it was not only planning and directing similar to the previous season, but also that the sound accident and preparation for shooting were insufficient.

Regarding this, Lee said, "I didn't think about the conditions and thought that'good is a good thing'. I tried to judge the company based on what I saw with a sense of companionship in the sandbox, but I was disappointed with what I saw." The president called me sorry, but if you are really sorry, please cancel the contract at no cost. It is a contract until December, but I will stay there until then.”

Sandbox is an MCN company founded by Dottie Lee and Pil Sung Lee in 2014, and includes a variety of YouTubers including broadcaster Yoo Byung-jae and Kapichu, as well as Embro and Jangpichu. Previously, Sandbox published an apology for the'unpaid video for paid advertisements' and the so-called'back advertisement controversy' through YouTube channels.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)