"Child emergency center" of Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Medical Center reopens on 9th August 21:26

New infections have not been confirmed at the "Children's Lifesaving Center" of the "Metropolitan Children's Medical Center" in Fuchu City, Tokyo, where doctors and nurses were successively infected with the new coronavirus and stopped accepting patients I will be restarted from 9th.

At the Metropolitan Children's Medical Center in Fuchu City, Tokyo, a total of seven doctors and nurses were infected with the new coronavirus last month, and many staff members were left at home.

For this reason, the "Children's Lifesaving Center", a medical center that accepts children with extremely severe medical conditions, has stopped accepting new patients from the 24th of last month.

After that, from the 28th of last month, the medical center will resume acceptance at the "Children's Lifesaving Center" from the 9th, considering that no new infection has been confirmed in doctors, nurses, and inpatients. It was.

In addition to this, it will be possible to resume the limited emergency services for children and some delayed surgery.