The Bon Festival has changed with the new Corona “Visit to the grave with VR” Stone shop organization planned at 6:32 on August 7

As the movement to refrain from returning home due to the new coronavirus spreads, a service that allows you to visit a grave while at home using VR = virtual reality has appeared.

This service was started by some stone shops that joined from 1st of this month in response to the voice of "I don't want to go to the grave but I don't want to go to the grave" by the group of stone shops "Nationwide Excellent Stone Shop Association".

The staff of the stone shop visits the grave with a camera that can display 360 degrees, and in addition to cleaning, we will take pictures of incense sticks and flowers.

The special goggles that allow you to see the video in VR = Virtual Reality are delivered to the client, and you can experience the experience of visiting a grave while staying away from home via the Internet.

For elderly people who are not accustomed to VR, staff at a stone shop will take measures against infection before visiting their homes and explaining how to handle the equipment.

Mr. Takeshi Yoshida, Chairman of the National Association of Excellent Stone Shops, said, “In addition to the new coronavirus, I started to provide services for people who have difficulty in visiting the grave due to old age or illness. I hope you will actively use it."

It means that there are currently seven stone stores in Miyagi Prefecture that provide services.