News 1+1丨The hinterland of the southern foot of the Qilian Mountains is excavated in the name of restoration?

  Speaking of Qilian Mountain, which is located at the junction of Gansu and Qinghai provinces, many people may see images of the vast sea of ​​clouds before their eyes. As an important ecological barrier in the northwest, the ecological status of this place is self-evident. In the lower part of the photo, what appears is that the grassland has been cracked open, and there are obvious traces of being mined. On closer inspection, we can see the protrusions in this gully depression and the leftovers after mining. Stagnant water. In the past two days, the media reported that a local company was involved in large-scale and destructive illegal mining of coal mines, which caused widespread concern. What is the actual situation? What kind of ecological damage will such mining cause to Qilian Mountain?

  According to reports from media reporters, the scars dug out on such a grassland that is five kilometers long and one kilometer wide and 300 meters to 500 meters deep are shocking to many people. What is the cause of all this? According to some information sorted out by the reporter, it can be seen that this company has been suspected of mining here for 14 years since 2006, and the magnitude of the suspected illegal coal mining is very high, reaching more than 26 million tons. At present, Qinghai Province has sent an investigation team to the local area to verify the detailed situation. While waiting for the investigation results, Wang Ning connected with Chang Jiwen, deputy director of the Resource and Environmental Policy Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and analyzed based on the current available information. The relevant situation.

  Chang Jiwen, deputy director of the Resource and Environmental Policy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council: There are both restoration and mining in that place. It is very likely that the left side is repaired and the right side is mining. The environmental protection inspection team may have seen the restoration but not the mining. However, judging from such a large amount of coal mining, it must be mining.

  At present, all administrative licenses are precise, and administrative licenses are reduced. Some places have some pilots, but the pilots should not go against the mandatory laws of the country. If there is no authorization from the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, in some places, if you violate the mandatory laws of the country It’s definitely illegal to go to the pilot project. For this coal mine, you can’t mine in the name of ecological restoration. If it does exist, it must be in line with the current Environmental Protection Law and the Mine The Field Resources Law is in conflict.

  Chang Jiwen, deputy director of the Institute of Resources and Environmental Policy, Development Research Center of the State Council:

  1. Is the coal mining area a nature reserve? Now the central government attaches great importance to nature reserves with national parks as the main body. If it is not a nature reserve, then there must be legal procedures in compliance with the planning and environmental assessment to obtain mining The license can be used for mining.

  2. Is there an environmental impact assessment? Is there a mining license?

  3. Has the local regulatory authority fulfilled its regulatory responsibilities?

  The most important thing to know is whether the property of this area is a nature reserve. If it is a nature reserve, the nature is serious. Not only may there be illegal mining, but it also violates the laws and regulations of the national nature reserve. It’s just the same as the last time the Qinling Mountains were held accountable. The nature is very bad. If it is not a nature reserve, then it is a problem of ecological damage and illegal mining. These two issues should be addressed. Accountability.

  Chang Jiwen, deputy director of the Resource and Environmental Policy Research Institute of the Development Research Center of the State Council: The geographical location of Qilian Mountain is very important. The snow water on Qilian Mountain is vital to the surrounding ecological environment, including some protection of biodiversity. It should be said that the Qilian Mountains play an extremely important role in the ecological stability of the western region and the stabilization of China's climate. It cannot be overstated that the Qilian Mountains should be highly protected.

  Restoring the ecology in that place is much more difficult than restoring the ecology in places like Hunan, Hubei and Jiangxi. First of all, the climate in those places is still relatively harsh. It is more difficult for some animals and plants to survive there. It must be restored to a lush appearance. It is very difficult to spend a lot of money and include some other measures.

  We must continue to protect the Qilian Mountains, because whoever is on the side of destroying the environment will stand on the opposite side of public interests. We are now waiting for the final facts of the Qinghai Provincial Investigation Team. News 1+1 will also be reported at any time. .