(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Starting from August 7th, people entering Macau from Hong Kong must hold a 24-hour negative certificate

  China News Agency, Macau, August 6th (Reporter Long Tuyou) The Macau Novel Coronavirus Infection Response Coordination Center announced on the 6th that in view of the continuing new coronavirus infection in Hong Kong, based on public health considerations, it will start at 6 am on August 7th. , All persons entering Macau from Hong Kong must have a negative certificate of viral nucleic acid test within 24 hours, otherwise they may be refused entry.

  The Response Coordination Center stated that operators or drivers of transport from Hong Kong to Macau should refuse to ride without a certificate. Violators may be punished by relevant regulations. At the same time, people who have been to Hong Kong in the 14 days prior to entry are required to undergo 14-day medical observation at locations designated by the health department.

  In addition, the Macau Special Administrative Region Government implements closed-loop management for all crew members who land on Macau cargo ships to and from Hong Kong and Macau. When the crew members land in Macau, they will be directly arranged by private vehicles to the designated hotels to rest. Do not enter the Macau community. (Finish)