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August 06, 2020

Selena Gomez dreams of collaborating with Taylor Swift

As she confided during the talk show on Twitch Animal Talking , Selena Gomez has always dreamed of collaborating with Taylor Swift. Especially since the two artists get along very well as revealed by the singer.

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In the yard, in my @PUMA unity shoes clearly 😊

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“I have the impression that she and me are family. I've known her for 13 or 14 years now, she said. She's been my best friend and we've talked about doing a song together before. So a single question arises: but what are they waiting for?

Ariana Grande unveils her new fragrance, called "REM"

Ariana Grande has just announced the release of her new fragrance called REM via an Instagram Story. This is the sixth fragrance of the pop star and she was inspired by her song of the same name to offer a creation that approaches the state of mind conveyed by the title.

Before REM, the star had offered many perfumes connected to his music such as Moonlight, Sweet Like Candy or Thank U, Next.

Lili Reinhart reveals why she isolated herself on Cole Sprouse's birthday

As Cole Sprouse celebrated her birthday last Tuesday, Lili Reinhart went on a short mountain hike to “reconnect with herself and God”.

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Took a solo trip to Mount Shasta for some mental clarity and healing. Very grateful to have the opportunity to travel to such a sacred place and reconnect with myself and God ☀️ hope all of you are using this time to take care of yourselves and reflect— it's vital.

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“I treat myself to a solo hike to Mount Shasta to clarify myself and heal my mind,” she revealed in an Instagram post. It remains to be seen if the date of this little spiritual excursion had something to do but the birthday of the actress' ex. But she seems to have found the comfort she needed and that is the main thing.


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