All people in various hurricanes and hurricanes seek prosperity, but they do not realize that its key and its builder is the political stability that opens the many doors of good and builds abundant projects and protects the masses, and the Holy Qur’an indicated for this a clear indication if people were rational, as the truth says to the Almighty: )odharb God, for example, the village was safe reassuring intercourse with her livelihood Rgda from all Mkan(, it was security and Tmonintha direct reason for intercourse with her livelihood Rgda from everywhere, as pointed out to the contrary at the verse: )vkfr affluent God Vomagaha God's clothing hunger and fear, including They used to make, and this is a divine approach, which God Almighty defined His servants to take behavior for them if they wanted the good for themselves, and many people know this civilized approach that takes place with the law of causation, except that their dealing with it is not at the level of this knowledge in most countries and peoples, because God did not reconcile them with it Then they forget what they did and drive the blame to others.

The United Arab Emirates and its loyal and honorable people set a good example in benefiting from this divine approach; Stabilized, then reaped the big fruits, and there are no young.

It achieved stability by justice, generosity, order, and respect for human rights, by fulfilling with all, and by giving each hand to those in need, and by standing with the near and far at the time of adversity ... and other things that are honored by morals and the ideology of adults, then prosperity drags its tails from everywhere as if it does not know another place.

Cognitive prosperity brought her, and she achieved pioneering scientific successes that brought her to space and then to Mars, with an unprecedented precedent in our Arab world and many other worlds, a precursor that will enable many knowledge, and the world will benefit him, God Almighty, because it is a global state, and not limited to Its region and its surroundings, and with this knowledge obtained a peaceful nuclear atomic success, unparalleled in our surroundings and our world, is considered a major economic opening, which will achieve broad economic and health growth.

And it achieved stability, a world unprecedented civilization, and a structure unlike any other in the world; Of high-end infrastructure, great civilizational planning, towering high-rise building, very accurate and luxurious, and a rare agricultural and animal environment, as well as a different model industry.

And achieved stability an enormous economy that enables it to achieve steady progress, global confidence, currency stability and its purchasing power, so that it is not affected by what happens from global or regional calamities, and this is the pandemic of the new Corona virus, which brought about the countries ’economy from the bases, and the UAE is lofty, which was not weakened by this sweeping economic hurricane, It has not changed anything from its mega projects and unlimited ambition.

And achieved stable, stable security that made people of all different nationalities and religions live in peace of mind for themselves and their money, so they would happily live and make those around them happy.

And achieved stability rule of law and order, it can not be penetrated or tampered with, and this is the essence of social justice, which is hardly found in many countries.

This is the tip of the flood of fruits that were established by the leadership established by God, may God preserve and nurture it, and it is what people seek and hardly do, for it is in their hands if they want it, but they are overpowered by hardship and perish in plowing and offspring, then they regret the hours of regret, and all of that for their distance from the law of God Almighty who He forced people to work for stability and growth, forbidding injustice and bloodshed, criminalizing prostitutes and going out of obedience to the rulers of the matter, and prohibiting treachery and treachery, and prohibiting arrogance in the land, and prohibiting deception and deception of people, and required counseling to God and His Messenger and the rulers and the general and Muslims of their own, and called for sympathy Familiarity and compassion .. When they did not stop the prohibitions, and failed in the duties, they missed the obligations they sought without taking their reasons, and the result was; I take them with their deeds, just as it is the Sunnah of their Creator, glory be to Him, by saying the most important thing:﴿ Do so, take your Lord when He takes the villages, and it is unjust that he is taken by severe pain ﴾.

There is no doubt about this; For God Almighty performed the whole universe on the Sunnahs that do not change, and the people should take the Sunnah of happiness and be happy, or the Sunnahs of misery will be difficult, and if they choose the Sunnahs of misery to not blame but themselves, then God does not oppress them but the people themselves do wrong.

«Grand Muftis, Director of Ifta’s Department in Dubai»

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