[Explanation] On August 3, the Haizhuyong Bridge on Huandao Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou was officially opened to traffic, and a dilapidated house was lying in the middle of the road on the bridge, causing heated discussions.

  [Explanation] The reporter came to the Haizhuyong Bridge on August 6, and saw an endless stream of pedestrians coming to take pictures and punching cards on the bridge. Many people even went to the owner’s house to visit and take pictures. Overnight, it almost became The Internet celebrity punched in. In the face of the crowd, Ms. Liang, the owner of the house, expressed very helpless.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Liang, the owner

  For the time being, the (noise) of the car is not very serious. It is not noisy during the construction before. Now I think the noise of the crowd is more than that of the car.

  [Explanation] Faced with the hot discussion on the Internet, Ms. Liang said that the online remarks are untrue. She did not move away not for money, but because she did not have a suitable house, so she would rather live here.

  [Concurrent] Ms. Liang, the owner

  It's not that I didn't choose to relocate. It was the place he gave to relocate, which we felt was inappropriate. In the morgue (opposite), would you go if it was you? Should I live in the morgue (opposite) or live here now? Then I will definitely choose here, at least I don't have to face those corpses. The floor looks like a morgue.

  [Commentary] Ms. Liang told reporters that she is willing to cooperate with the government in negotiations. If there are any demands, she just doesn't want people to come and watch.

  [Concurrent] Citizen Mr. Chen

  There is no need for everyone to make some malicious evaluations, because after all, the government has taken such a path and reserved this position. It has already accepted this. Then I think that since the government has accepted such (construction), other citizens’ The opinions need not be too extreme.

  [Explanation] On the afternoon of August 6, according to the response from the relevant staff of the Bureau of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Haizhu District, Guangzhou, the Haizhuyong Bridge is an important node on the Huandao Road and one of the key livelihood projects in Haizhu District. After the completion of the bridge, it can effectively ease the traffic along the route. Pressure to improve residents’ travel conditions.

  Since the start of the requisition and demolition work, the relevant departments have been in communication with the owner and provided houses in different locations, different orientations, and convenient transportation for the owner to choose, but they have not reached a consensus. In the future, relevant departments will maintain communication and consultation with the owner and strive to reach a consensus as soon as possible.

  (Reporting by reporter He Junjie and intern Cai Weiying and Lin Qilin in Guangzhou)

Editor in charge: [Chen Haifeng]