Mortality rate of patients admitted to corona is lower than in the UK and the United States Analysis results are released August 6 19:14

For the first time, the data of over 2600 patients infected with the new coronavirus and admitted to medical institutions in Japan were published, and about 2% of those who were mild or moderate at the time of admission were severely ill. On the other hand, it was found that 7.5% of hospitalized patients died, which is significantly less than the data in the United Kingdom and the United States, which exceeded 20%.

The National Center for International Medical Research, which is responsible for the treatment of new coronavirus, analyzed the progress of 2638 patients admitted to 227 medical institutions nationwide from March to the beginning of last month on the 6th. , Announced.

According to the results, 1796, or 68.1% of all patients at the time of hospitalization, were mild or moderate, and 31.9%, or 840, had severe respiratory distress.

Of those who were severely ill at the time of hospitalization, 22.9%, or 192, needed a ventilator or an artificial heart-lung machine called ECMO. , I needed such a device.

In addition, 67.7% of the patients who needed ventilators and ECMO were in their 60s or older, and by the type of chronic illness, 36.8% had diabetes, 27.8% had high blood pressure, and hyperlipidemia. 16.1% said that elderly people and people with certain chronic diseases are more likely to become seriously ill.

On the other hand, of hospitalized patients, 197 died, or 7.5% in total, and about one-third of the UK and New York in the United States, whose mortality rate exceeded 20%.

This is the first time that the results of analyzing large-scale data on patients in Japan have been published, and the National Center for Global Health and Medicine said, "Data will be useful for preparing the medical system. I would like to investigate factors, development of effective drugs, and long-term effects on patients."