The English-language psychological thriller Marionette starring Thekla Reuten will have its world premiere on September 29 at the Netherlands Film Festival (NFF). The film can be seen in Dutch cinemas from 1 October.

The 44-year-old actress plays the lead role in the thriller of the Dutch director Elbert van Strien. The thriller was shot in Scotland and will therefore be shown at the Netherlands Film Festival for the first time.

In Marionette , Reuten plays the child psychiatrist Marianne Winter, who starts a new life in Scotland after the tragic death of her husband. One of her new patients, 10-year-old Manny, has an unusual delusion. Manny claims that everything he comes up with actually happens and that he can influence Marianne's future.

The film is based on the Marionette World short film , which has been awarded a Golden Calf and has been nominated for an Oscar.