The port of Beirut, Lebanon, after the two explosions of August 4, 2020 - Hussein Malla / AP / SIPA

On Tuesday, two explosions devastated Beirut. A disaster whose balance sheet, still provisional, reports at least 137 dead and 5,000 injured. This Thursday, President Emmanuel Macron went there to bring "a testimony of support, friendship, fraternal solidarity to the Lebanese people as obvious. The media, too, are mobilizing in the face of this tragedy, like the M6 ​​group. By partnering with the Fondation de France, the channel is launching an appeal for donations for the victims, relaying the message at regular intervals on its antenna.

The M6 ​​antenna is also upset "because of the events in Lebanon" this Sunday evening. Instead of an Exclusive Enquête number devoted to extreme tourism, the channel will again offer its report "Lebanon, the land of permanent chaos", at 11:15 pm. Already broadcast in January 2019, this survey is interested in the life of the country despite the tensions that reign there.

Just after, at 00:50, the channel will offer a report from the program 66 Minutes devoted to the capital of Lebanon, Beirut. This document follows the lives of four French expatriates in the city that is sometimes nicknamed “the Paris of the Orient”.


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