(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Hong Kong's New Coronary Virus Community Testing Program will expand to cover 86,000 residents from the 7th

  China News Service, Hong Kong, August 6-The Home Affairs Department (Home Affairs Department) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government announced on the 6th that it will expand the service scope of the new coronavirus community testing program from the 7th to cover 46 places in Wong Tai Sin and Kwun Tong. The building involves approximately 86,000 residents.

  The Civil and Municipal Affairs Bureau has cooperated with the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals last month to launch the "Ciyun Mountain Testing Program." Starting from the 7th, the scope of the free virus testing program will be gradually expanded to include Tsz Oi Court in Wong Tai Sin District; Choi Fuk Village, Ping Shek Village, Kai Yip Village in Kwun Tong District; Mountain View Village and Butterfly Village in Tuen Mun District; and Yau Tsim Mong District District Chuangde Building and Zhongyuan Building cover 46 buildings with approximately 86,000 residents.

  A spokesperson for the IACM stated that due to the severe epidemic situation, the IACM will expand the scope of the testing program to conduct tests for residents of private residential buildings and public housing estates where confirmed cases have occurred, hoping to help the Center for Health Protection find the hiddenness as soon as possible. Transmission chain.

  The spokesman said that due to the large number of buildings covered, the plan must be carried out in phases in an orderly manner. The relevant estate or building management office will inform residents of the timetable for the inspection plan in due course. The plan will give priority to testing for residents of buildings with confirmed cases. As for residents of other buildings in the village, they should wait for the building where they live to arrange for testing before receiving the test sample bottle and registration form.

  The "Ciyunshan Testing Project" has completed the distribution of test sample bottles on the 4th, and completed the collection of samples on the 5th. The plan covers 22 buildings in Tsz Wan Shan Tsz Ching Village, Tsz Lok Village, Tsz Min Village, Tsz Kang Village and Ngau Chi Wan Choi Fai Village. With the active participation and cooperation of residents, the department sent a total of about 34,000 test sample bottles and recovered more than 29,000 samples for testing. About 85% of the residents returned the sample bottles on time. The number of households participating in the test accounted for the number of households in the relevant building. The total number is nearly 80%.

  The testing contractor has completed testing on most of the recovered samples and sent positive samples to the Public Health Testing Center of the Department of Health for re-testing. So far, 14 cases have been confirmed as positive. (Finish)