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11 minutes ago

Geri Halliwell gets a painting of herself made by Ronnie Wood

Geri Halliwell was surprised with a painting of her own image. The Spice Girl was a gift from none other than The Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood. "What a great gift, Ronnie. You're a fantastic artist," Halliwell writes with a photo of the work on Instagram.

4 hours ago

Bella Hadid raises middle finger to police around mouth mask

Bella Hadid disagrees that New York City police go out into the street without wearing a mask. The model posted several photos on her Instagram Stories, showing how she poses with officers who do not wear a mask. "Wear a mask," she writes. "Hey NYPD, the face masks are for the safety of all of us, not just yours," she added.

15 hours ago

Rachel Hazes moved to Barcelona

Rachel Hazes officially (temporarily) moved to Spain yesterday. On Instagram, she shares a photo of her and her friend Rossana Kluivert, Patrick Kluivert's wife, who helped her with the move and also lives in Barcelona. "Never moved so fast in my life," she adds.

It is not known whether the move of fifty-year-old Hazes to the Catalan city is permanent.

yesterday at 8:17 PM

Natalie Portman celebrates eight years of marriage

Natalie Portman married Benjamin Millepied eight years ago. On Instagram she writes that the ballet dancer is still her favorite dance partner. The actress posts a photo of the wedding party. The two met on the set of the movie Black Swan .

yesterday at 8:17 PM

yesterday at 13:45

Rafael surprises birthday girl Estavana

Estvana Polman, who is currently recovering from a torn cruciate ligament in her right knee, will be celebrating her 28th birthday on Wednesday. She is surprised by friend Rafael van der Vaart, his son Damián and their daughter Jesslynn, who play Happy Birthday together.

Rafael van der Vaart and children sing for Estavana Polman

Tuesday at 10:55 PM

Sylvie Meis is currently enjoying a wonderful holiday in Saint-Tropez. The actress shows how she is sunbathing on a mega yacht. "Sun lover", Meis writes with the photo. The 42-year-old has been following her followers for days on her jet-set holiday in the French Riveria. View the sunny pictures she posted on Tuesday below.

Tuesday at 6:59 PM

Barack Obama has turned 59 today and of course his wife Michelle will not go unnoticed. The former First Lady posts an old photo of their family on Twitter, writing: "Congratulations my favorite person. I look back on wonderful memories, blue skies and foresee many new adventures in the future!"

Happy birthday to my favorite guy. Here's to all the good days, blue skies, and new adventures to come. 😘

AvatarAvatar Author Michelle Obama Moment of Places 15: 01 - August 4, 2020

Tuesday at 12:19 PM

After weeks of excitement for the premiere of her movie  Everything is as it should be , Daphne Deckers was ready for a vacation. She went to Italy by boat and there she enjoys the water.

Get away from it all

Tuesday at 8:37 AM

Look into the future
Soundos El Ahmadi has discovered a new filter: one that makes her look much older. The comedian jokes that she got the wrinkles from her first major role in  All Stars .

Monday at 10:31 PM

Waylon hooks into the  body positivity movement and shares a photo of his bare torso on Instagram. The forty-year-old singer reports that he is not in very good physical shape, but that he still feels very good because his head is stronger than his body.

Monday at 10:31 PM

Monday at 10:23 PM

Singer Famke Louise shared a photo on Monday evening showing her in a close embrace with Australian artist Trè Samuels. This seems to confirm previous rumors of a blossoming romance.

Monday at 7:46 PM

André Hazes shares a holiday photo with his son

Singer André Hazes shared a photo of him and his three-year-old son on Instagram. He is currently on vacation in Switzerland for some  quality time with his family, after a turbulent year in his private life.

Monday at 7:41 AM

Little boys grow up
Chantal Janzen feels a lot at the same time when she talks about her eldest son James (11). The presenter is thrilled to see how her son grows up, but would also like him to stay small. Like many mothers, she is in dubio: she is happy that her son is growing up, but also a bit sad because it is going so fast.

Sunday at 3:36 PM

Simon Keizer kart with Prince Bernhard Jr. in Ibiza

Simon Keizer has found a royal kart partner in Ibiza. Prince Bernhard jr., Co-owner of Circuit Zandvoort, accompanies the singer from Volendam during some laps on the Spanish asphalt. As a partner of a Bernhard foundation, Keizer is good friends with the prince. They seem to ignore the distance rule for convenience.

Sunday at 9:47 AM

Adele shows new look in message to Beyoncé

In an innocent congratulatory message addressed to Beyoncé for her new digital album  Black Is King  , Adele shows her new look. The singer, who has recently lost several kilos, now has curly blond hair over her shoulders, while she previously had a lot steeper and shorter hair.

Saturday at 9:52 PM

Georgina Verbaan remembers Pride

No busy streets and crowded canals in Amsterdam. The Pride is a bit different this year than usual. That is why Georgina Verbaan pauses at the Pride from two years ago. " Throwback to two years ago, when we were still allowed to share our lung content with everyone. Happy Pride everyone," the actress writes on her Instagram.

Saturday at 9:52 PM

Saturday at 12:57 PM

Monique Westenberg enjoys playing André jr. And Fender

Recently André and Roxeanne Hazes are doing well again. As a result, their children now see each other regularly and suddenly they are fat friends. Monique Westenberg proudly shares a photo of the two while they are playing wonderfully. " Future ", she writes.

Friday at 6:59 PM

Kim Kardashian visiting grandma

The reality star got into the car with her mom and kids to celebrate her grandmother Mary Jo's 86th birthday.

Happy 86th birthday to my grandma Mary Jo. Last week we celebrated my sweet grandma and she hasn't left her house since January. First she was sick and then Covid lockdown. So we got her best friends tested and driven up from San Diego to celebrate MJ.

AvatarAvatar Author Kim Kardashian West Moment of Places 18: 31 - July 31, 2020

Friday at 12:36 PM

Guus drinking again

Guus Meeuwis announced in a conversation with  Trouw that he had not drunk alcohol for six months and NU.nl wrote a piece about it. Nice, Guus thought, but I still open a bottle of champagne. On Instagram, he shares how the news can change so very quickly: five hours after the publication of the message, he is offered a glass of champagne and a little later a beer comes along.

Thursday at 10:53 PM

Typhoon grateful for recent times

Typhoon looks back on Instagram over the past few weeks. He looks back with a good feeling on Zomergasten and his performance in the Ziggo Dome. "Special things! Lobi that we are all going through this again and I thank you for the warm messages and sharing the good vibes."

Thursday, July 30 at 5:13 AM

Eloise van Oranje doubts about choice of clothing
Although Countess Eloise - dressed in a black long jacket with subtle pinstripe, white blouse, black trousers and white open pumps - first mentions a " boss babe moment ", she later says in her Instagram Stories that she has her reservations about her outfit: " Felt cute, might delete later ." In July it was announced that the eldest daughter of Prince Constantijn and Princess Laurentien was accepted at the hotel school after obtaining her VWO diploma.

Wednesday, July 29 at 6:15 PM

Jim Bakkum is very proud of his son Lux (7)

Jim Bakkum is very proud of his seven-year-old son Lux. The boy takes care of his sister, who is more than sixteen months old. "The natural protection he has for his baby sister is so endearingly beautiful," writes the thrilled singer on Instagram.

Wednesday, July 29 at 6:15 PM

Wednesday, July 29 at 12:00 PM

The British royal family is also dependent on video calling if they want to keep in touch with each other. A video has appeared on Instagram in which Princess Anne explains Zoom to her mother, Queen Elizabeth.

Princess Anne video calls with her mother Queen Elizabeth

Wednesday, July 29 at 10:51 AM

André Hazes recently announced that there is again contact between him and his sister Roxeanne. The singer and singer did not speak for years, but have now decided to try again. Roxeanne puts a video on Instagram in which her son Fender is making video calls with the son of André and Monique Westenberg.

Children Roxeanne and Andre Hazes video calling

Wednesday, July 29 at 7:26 AM

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox feed relationship rumors

Machine Gun Kelly shares a photo of herself and Megan Fox, and for some media that's enough to conclude their relationship is official. Since Fox's breakup with actor Brian Austin Green, there have been rumors that she and Machine Gun Kelly are in a relationship. In June, a source reported that the alleged relationship was not yet serious enough to introduce the rapper to Fox's three children.

Wednesday, July 29 at 5:13 AM

Caroline van Eeden ( Chateau Meiland ) cuddles with grandchild

Caroline van Eeden became a grandmother for the third time at the end of June and cuddles with her youngest granddaughter. "That's how cute you are, beautiful Philou", said the former family friend of the Meiland family.

Tuesday, July 28 at 4:31 PM

Domien Verschuuren passed his motorcycle

license Domien Verschuuren can finally celebrate that he has obtained his motorcycle license. "After more than a year of lessons, giving up, starting again and continuing, we succeeded," writes the Qmusic DJ with a cheerful photo on Instagram.

Tuesday, July 28 at 6:39 AM

Britney Spears thinks she is asking for attention

"I think I am asking for attention," said singer Britney Spears after she says "she was too busy" with henna tattoos. On Wednesday, there was a new trial day in the lawsuit determining whether the singer will regain control of her finances and career. The outcome was not disclosed.

Tuesday, July 28 at 6:39 AM

Monday, July 27 at 6:30 PM

Jan Versteegh celebrates wedding anniversary

Jan Versteegh and his wife Dieuwertje have been married for three years on Monday. On Instagram, he shares a look back at the day when the two agreed. "Today, three years ago, I married the cutest girl in the world. That we can always keep laughing so hard," he adds.

Monday, July 27 at 4:19 PM

Yolanthe Cabau conducts corona test for film

Yolanthe Cabau is currently recording the film Just Say Yes . On Instagram she shows that she had to have herself tested for the corona virus. In her Stories she shares a video of the moment she is being tested.

Yolanthe Cabau is tested for coronavirus

Monday, July 27 at 1:12 PM

Dotan makes debut in Italy

Singer-songwriter Dotan currently scores a hit in several parts of Europe with his single Numb . On Monday evening, the singer performs for the first time on Italian television. He can be seen on the Italia 1 channel in the show Battiti Live from 21:15  .

Italy! Watch me play live tonight on tv channel Italia 1 from 9.15pm in beautiful Otranto 🇮🇹 ♥ ️ @radionorba # BattitiLive2020

AvatarAvatar Author DotanMoment of places10: 49 - July 27, 2020

Monday, July 27 at 12:04 PM

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson get Greek passport

Tom Hanks (64) and his wife Rita Wilson (63) can officially call themselves Greek citizens from this weekend. Wilson has a Greek mother and was raised Greek Orthodox. "Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks are now proud Greek citizens," Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis wrote on Instagram.

Monday, July 27 at 8:50 AM

Kris Jenner congratulates her birthday mother Mary Jo (86)

Mary Jo Shannon is 86 years old and her daughter Kris Jenner congratulates her. "Thanks for the way you brought me up," the reality star and mother of Kim Kardashian, among others, wrote in a black-and-white photo taken due to an Instagram challenge.

Monday, July 27 at 5:39 AM

Jim Bakkum: "Holidays since fatherhood no longer to relax"

Since Jim Bakkum is a father, his holidays are "no longer to relax". "But when I see this photo, I just get tears in my eyes. Three little liddies. From us," the actor puts parenting into perspective. The singer has three children with his partner and colleague Bettina Holwerda.

Sunday, July 26 at 5:31 PM

Quinty Trustfull thinks about the Netherlands again

Now that her husband stops as an assistant coach of Atlanta United, Quinty Trustfull can focus on the Netherlands again. "Now in Atlanta with my love to arrange everything and have a wonderful holiday together here in the US and then back to the Netherlands together. Then we will be complete as a family again," she writes on Instagram.

Sunday, July 26 at 3:28 PM

Angela Groothuizen is on 'staycation' in Amsterdam

Despite the corona measures, Angela Groothuizen still enjoys some well-earned rest with her family. "Just a lesson in Amsterdam canal cruising," she writes with a photo on her Instagram.

Sunday, July 26 at 1:02 PM

Ruud de Wild and Olcay Gulsen dance in France

Ruud de Wild and Olcay Gulsen enjoy a romantic trip to Lyon, France. And then De Wild suddenly has to lead his girlfriend: "Here you learn as a woman to follow your husband ... come with the comments, " jokes the radio DJ.

Saturday, July 25 at 3:18 PM

Rachel Hazes takes the plane

Rachel Hazes took the plane on Saturday to say she is working on her new book.

Friday, July 24 at 10:28 PM

André Hazes celebrates men's evening with son

His girlfriend Monique Westenberg is fed up with girlfriends, so André Hazes celebrates a real 'men's evening' with his son André junior. Then pizzas cannot be missed.

Friday, July 24 at 4:16 PM

Jeroen Pauw goes on vacation corona proof

After his last broadcast at Op1 at the  beginning of this month, the holiday has arrived for Jeroen Pauw. The 59-year-old presenter leaves nothing to chance and has packed his holiday suitcase with mouth masks and protective gloves.

Friday, July 24 at 2:55 PM

Barack Obama first guest on Michelle Obama's podcast

Michelle Obama shares on Twitter that her first podcast guest on The Michelle Obama Podcast will be none other than her own husband. The first episode will be broadcast on July 29. 

In addition to Barack Obama, guests can be expected as her mother, friends, colleagues and many others. "I can't wait for you to listen to the conversations I've had for the #MichelleObamaPodcast."

I can't wait for you all to hear the conversations I've been having for the #MichelleObamaPodcast. My mom, my girlfriends, my colleagues, and many others all stop by, along with someone you're pretty familiar with: @BarackObama is my first guest on 7/29! https://t.co/L8FgSZGAkG

AvatarAvatar Author Michelle Obama Moment of Places 14: 34 - 24 July 2020

Friday, July 24 at 1:22 PM

Duncan Laurence in studio with Spanish

Eurovision candidate There is probably a Eurovision collaboration coming up. Blas Cantó, who would represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest this year and will be next year, says on Twitter that he has been in the studio with the most recent winner Duncan Laurence. "We have done nice things and hope to be able to tell more about it soon." In response to his message, Laurence says that he also had a great time.

Ayer tuve una sesión con @dunclaurence, @Dangelomusica, @DannHammond y #MikolajTrybulec e hicimos cosas muy chulas. Ojalá contaros más cosas pronto.

AvatarAvatar Author Blas Cantó Time of places 20: 36 - 23 July 2020

Friday, July 24 at 7:54 AM

Justin Bieber finds peace in nature and thanks God

"A good way for me to find peace is to connect nature", Justin Bieber writes on Instagram alongside a picture of a farmland with horses. The singer also says that God should not be blamed for the difficult corona period. "He's our hope, he's love," writes Bieber, who also takes the opportunity to thank Jesus.

Thursday, July 23 at 10:43 PM

Dotan speaks out to LGBTI community after hit in Russia and Poland

Dotan currently scores a radio hit in both Poland and Russia with his single Numb . The singer is happy with the success, but says he can not enjoy it without speaking out for those 'without a voice'. "As a gay man, it hurts me that members of the LGBTI community do not have the same rights in both countries. My heart breaks for the young people whose lives are affected by policies in these countries."

The singer says that no one should feel less about who they are. He urges his listeners to support equal rights for the LGBTI community through links he shares.

Thursday, July 23 at 6:03 PM

Fred van Leer gives health update after torn calf muscle

Fred van Leer recently had to cancel his holiday in Saint-Tropez suddenly because of a whiplash in his calf. In a video he explains that he wants to be treated in a Dutch hospital. His drivers drove specially from the Netherlands to the South of France to pick him up. They had to travel twice for twelve hours. The stylist is now on the couch at home and hopes that he will recover as soon as possible because of his busy work.

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