The Hanover district court fined him and other defendants in the lawsuit against Frank Hanebuth. Hanebuth was sentenced to a fine of 4,000 euros for coercion and support. Another accused has to pay 5,400 euros. According to the court, he had beaten the boss of a car workshop in Langenhagen near Hanover.

The indictment had been assault, assault, and violation of the Arms Act. However, such a common physical injury was not detectable, but an easy one, said the presiding judge Monika Pinski. "What you did was wrong and will be punished, but proportionately," Kinski told the defendants. The remaining three accomplices were fined 1,200 and 1,500 euros, respectively.

The public prosecutor's office, which had largely asked for suspended sentences, and Hanebuth's lawyer are now considering whether to appeal against the ruling.

Hanebuth had acted as President for the Hells Angels Charter in Hanover before it was dissolved. The other convicts are also assigned to the rocker group. 

According to the indictment, the men appeared in the auto repair shop in April 2018. It was about rent arrears of 2,500 euros. The car mechanic said, however, that the dispute was about his ex-partner. The latter, in turn, stated that the mechanic had threatened her and her 26-year-old daughter. He then largely refused to testify in court and, according to a report by the Hanoverian General, relied on memory gaps. He had previously said that the police "made an affair" out of the dispute.

In connection with the allegations, police officers found banned weapons, primarily cartridges, on the Hanebuth estate during a raid in November 2018, which, according to Pinksi, is a violation of the Arms Act.