Expert on "Recreating the way to spend" at the homecoming of Obon New Corona August 6 18:38

Regarding precautions when increasing the chances of coming into contact with the elderly such as during the Bon holidays, infectious disease specialists focus on points such as shortening the time spent together with basic measures such as washing hands and wearing masks. I want you to devise a way to spend.

Regarding the homecoming of Obon, Mitsuo Kaku, a professor at Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University who is familiar with measures against infectious diseases, would like to carefully consider whether or not to return home if there are elderly people who are at high risk of becoming seriously serious. I will.

In addition, when returning home, he said that first of all, as basic infection control measures, it is necessary to thoroughly implement measures such as always wearing masks when hand-washing and talking.

In addition, instead of separating the dishes from the platter at the time of eating, arrange each one individually, keep a distance of 2 meters or more as much as possible, and shift the mask only when carrying the food to the mouth, and fly as much as possible. The important thing is to prevent the matsu from spreading and to avoid the so-called "three-dense" situation where many people gather together.

In addition, frequent disinfection of parts that are frequently touched, such as door knobs and TV remote controls, have the elderly go in first when taking a bath, and keep the window about 5 cm long when using air conditioning. I want you to keep it open and always ventilate.

Professor Kaku said, “Be careful not to bring in the virus by thoroughly washing your hands and wearing a mask before you

return home . The movement itself is not a risk, but the behavior when you return home is a problem. Even after returning home, it is desirable to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible by devising ways to spend the time, such as shortening the time spent with the elderly and refraining from going out together. "