Chinanews client, Beijing, August 6 (Reporter Zhang Ni) The summer vacation has just started not long ago, but it will soon be over again. Entering August, some domestic colleges and universities have welcomed students who have returned to school for the fall semester of 2020. After the "shortest summer vacation" is over, the students are greeted with a special new semester.

  What is different in the new semester under the epidemic? Can students take classes at ease? What deployments have been made in various places for the beginning of school? Get to know in advance!

Data map: On June 8, Wuhan, Hubei, returning students from Wuhan University entered the campus. Photo by China News Agency reporter Zhang Chang

The start time of many colleges and universities in the fall has been set! To school in installments and batches

  The fall semester is coming soon, and how to deploy back to school matters is currently the focus of the education departments of all regions. Under the special background that the epidemic has not yet ended, reporting in batches becomes the best solution.

  For example, Wang Ning, member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Education Working Committee, has previously emphasized that in the face of the arrival of the new semester, colleges and universities must study the start plan carefully and determine the specific time for the start of school based on their own reasons. Summer return to school and freshman registration must be considered comprehensively, and the registration method should be adopted in installments and batches to avoid the flow of people into Beijing.

  In addition, colleges and universities must use the summer to conduct emergency response simulation exercises to ensure timely isolation, treatment, and accurate inspection of close contacts after the outbreak. Restore the normal order of education and teaching to the maximum extent.

  At present, many universities in Beijing have clarified the time to return to school, and some schools have divided students into multiple batches.

  According to the previous notice issued by China University of Political Science and Law, on August 29, the school's 2017 undergraduates majoring in journalism, the 2018 and 2019 undergraduates and postgraduates will return to school, and the 2020 second bachelor's degree students will register on August 31. Class.

  From August 30th to 31st, 2020 graduate students of the school will register, and classes will start on September 7. On September 7, 2017 undergraduates (except journalism) returned to school. From September 12 to 13, 2020 undergraduates register.

  According to the arrangement previously announced by the China University of Petroleum, current students will start returning to school on August 23, and classes will start on September 7 in the fall semester. The registration time for 2020 undergraduates will be notified separately, and classes will start on September 14; the registration and class time for 2020 graduates will be notified separately.

  In Hubei, Wuhan University has made it clear that ordinary undergraduates and postgraduates will return to school for registration on September 6 and officially start classes on September 7. The 2020 freshmen of ordinary undergraduates will register on September 11th. In addition, freshmen will receive entrance education and undergo a physical examination from September 12th to 13th. The 2020 graduate students will register on September 5th.

  However, in some areas where the epidemic has rebounded, school opening arrangements have also been postponed.

  Recently, Dalian University of Technology and Dalian Medical University have successively issued notices, delaying the start of school, and when it is clear when the school starts and returns to school will be determined according to the situation of the epidemic.

Data map: Pupils wearing masks return to school and resume classes. Photo by Zhang Xinglong

Arrangements for the opening of kindergartens in many primary and secondary schools have been announced, and the return of the beasts is just around the corner!

  For parents of primary, secondary, and kindergarten students, when the "sacred beasts" can be returned is their most concern.

  The good news is that at present, the deployment and arrangements for the fall semester have been clearly defined.

  According to the previous notice issued by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai elementary and middle schools will start on September 1; colleges and secondary vocational schools will return to school in accordance with the principle of "wrong area, wrong level, wrong time, and wrong peak" from September 1st. Determine the specific start time.

  In Harbin, the start time of the fall semester of elementary and junior high schools is August 31; the start time of the fall semester of ordinary high schools is August 20; the start time of the fall semester of secondary vocational schools, refer to the start time of the fall semester of ordinary high schools, which is determined by the school itself.

  The city also made it clear that the time for students from the second grade to the third grade to return to school can start from July 20. Provided that small classes and student rest periods are not less than 10 days, the education administration of each district, county (city) The department determines the start and end time by itself.

  In addition, the opening hours of kindergartens in many places are mostly based on the opening hours of primary and secondary schools.

  For example, in Hubei, according to the previous announcement issued by the Hubei Provincial Headquarters for Epidemic Prevention and Control, the province’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens will start in the fall semester as usual in previous years.

  According to regulations in Hefei City, Anhui Province, compulsory education schools will register on August 31 and formally start classes on September 1; the first grade will register on August 31 and will officially start classes on September 1; the second and third grades will officially start classes on August 24. Kindergartens are implemented in accordance with the compulsory education stage, and secondary vocational schools shall be implemented in accordance with ordinary high schools.

Data Map: A student enters the campus to take a temperature measurement

Epidemic prevention teaching is two-handed, what is the difference in the new semester?

  For the upcoming new semester, epidemic prevention work is undoubtedly still the focus.

  Earlier, the Ministry of Education had held a video conference to deploy the epidemic prevention and control work during the summer and autumn school. The meeting clearly stated that all local schools should scientifically plan the prevention and control of the fall school epidemic, and comprehensively promote the restoration of normal education and teaching order. It is necessary to avoid paralysis and prevent excessive prevention and control.

  How to prevent the spread of the epidemic caused by large-scale students returning to school? Local education departments have also formulated specific plans.

  For example, Beijing has emphasized that universities must implement closed-loop management of student campus life.

  Shanghai requires teachers and students of elementary and secondary schools and kindergartens to conduct self-health observations in Shanghai 14 days before the start of school, and teachers and students of colleges and vocational schools should conduct self-health observations at least 14 days before the start of school.

  In addition, for teachers and students who come from or pass through high-risk areas of the domestic epidemic and return to Shanghai from overseas, the relevant control measures of this city shall be strictly implemented after returning to Shanghai; the implementation and improvement of the temperature measurement at the school, morning and afternoon checks, disinfection and ventilation, and absences due to illness Prevention and control mechanisms such as daily direct reporting of absences.

  In some schools that have already started, the prevention and control checkpoints have not slackened in the slightest.

  A few days ago, Anhui Medical University ushered in the first batch of undergraduates who will return to school in the fall semester of 2020. This is also the first college in Anhui Province to begin school in the fall.

  The school's epidemic prevention measures can be said to be stricter. When registering, students must show their personal ID card and campus card. After the security department verifies the identity information and the return to school batch, check the temperature for abnormalities under the guidance of the staff, and enter the designated disinfection area to disinfect and replace related items. New mask.

  After completing the admission process, students go to the registration area of ​​each college to re-check the health code and identity information, and receive the accommodation registration certificate and related anti-epidemic materials. After the registration certificate is submitted to the residential management center and the temperature is measured again, the process of returning to school is completed.

  Of course, in addition to epidemic prevention and control, some schools have not forgotten to consolidate the quality of teaching.

  For example, Wuhan University has not forgotten to "start a small kitchen" for students in advance.

  In order to supplement and consolidate online teaching during the epidemic, and ensure the effectiveness of learning, Wuhan University will use two weeks before the start of semester to provide undergraduates with tuition for related courses.

  The new semester is coming soon, are you happy? (Finish)