The Meiland family has closed the doors of their chateau behind them this week and are living in the Netherlands again. The family has settled in Hengelo in Gelderland.

Daughter Maxime Meiland tells RTL Boulevard that the move expired relatively soon. "We are still unpacking everything, it is really a chaotic gang, but oh well, that is part of it."

The 24-year-old reality star loves to be back in the Netherlands. "When we drive here like this, I really think: how beautiful it is here."

However, Martien Meiland and his wife Erica Renkema will occasionally go back to France to maintain Chateau Marillaux. "The castle has not yet been sold, so it is still necessary."

'Too bad how things went with Nadège'

Housekeeper Nadège stayed behind in France and expressed her dissatisfaction with the family's departure via Facebook. Maxime Meiland indicates that this is a pity. "We were all the same with her, but it was a slap in the face that we said: we are going away. I find that very annoying, because she is a sweet woman."

Chateau Meiland can be seen on SBS 6 from Monday August 31 at 8.30 pm on Monday and Thursday.

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