Ballerina Stephanie (33), from the group Cheon Sang Ji-hee, proudly boasts a love that has exceeded the 23-year-old difference with her lover, Major League Legend, Brady Anderson (56).

Stephanie, who appears on MBC'Radio Star', which will be aired on the 5th, speaks directly about the passionate news that recently attracted attention.

Stephanie, who made her debut as the group Cheon Sang-ji in 2005, showed off her unprecedented dance performance and aesthetics and announced the names'Cheonmu Stephanie' and'Stephanie the Grace'. After injured and rehabilitated during the activity, he passed the Los Angeles Ballet and worked as a dancer. In addition to this, he is a'steamed talented person' who showed off his talents in various fields such as musical actors and solo singers. In recent years, 23-year-old Brady Anderson has released a passion for the fact that he has received a lot of attention.

In the previous recording of'Radio Star', Stephanie revealed about Brady Anderson, "I've been 8 years as a friend. I'm only 4 years old from my mom." I robbed my gaze.

In addition, Stephanie told the story of the public relations she received from the marriage program, and the reasons why the generation gap does not differ even when the lover is 23 years old. In particular, the video of the lovers' unique charm and strong body was released to surprise the'Las' MCs. MC Ahn Young-mi admired, "If I'm envious, I'm losing, but I'm a little envious."

In addition to Stephanie's love story, Stephanie showed off her love for the members by revealing why she was more'breathed' than the bride at the wedding of Rin-ah, a member of Cheon Sang-hee, from various idols such as ballerina, solo singer, and dance teacher in idol.

Stephanie admitted to passionately in June, when a passionate relationship with Brady Anderson broke out and posted on her own social media in a handwritten form, saying, "I'm happy to meet you with a good relationship, so if you look pretty, I will appreciate it."

Stephanie made her debut as a member of the Grace Entertainment SM group Cheon Sang Ji-hee in 2005, and later worked as a solo singer and musical actress, and is currently focusing on ballet since childhood.

Born in 1964, Brady Anderson made his major league debut at the Boston Red Sox in 1988 and played for the Baltimore Orioles and the Cleveland Indians. She divorced and married a Bulgarian singer, Sonia Vasi.

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