Singer Soom Hae-in (real name Som Hye-in), who appeared on'Idol School' and gathered topics, broke up with her same-sex lover.

On the 4th, Somhaein wrote a lot of thoughts about how to speak on her SNS, and said, "I decided to stop my footsteps with my friend who had been in public for the first time and cheer each other on my way. was, "he said.

before Som same year was made public and come out of homosexuality and last girlfriend, she said the breakup news in about a year.

even so," the friend is not a friend working in the screen or the entertainment industry, coming With my out, my relationship was greatly known, and many people were interested, so I thought it was right to post it like this,” he said. My friend will still work hard in my place as a friend.”

Soom Hain appeared on Mnet'Idol School' broadcast in 2017, but she voluntarily dropped off.

(SBS funE reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)