The population growth of the Americas marks the massive expansion of humankind on the earth. Due to the earliest dating back, the Chiquivete Cave in Mexico occupies an important position in the study of human history in the Americas, and anthropologists have focused their attention here. With the deepening of research, humans have reached some consensus on the claim that their ancestors came from the African continent. Archaeologists and geneticists have also drawn up their migration and spreading routes. Previously, the mainstream view also believed that the history of humans entering the American continent was not long, but it was only 13,000 to 16,000 years old. But the exact time when humans first arrived in the Americas has always been a controversial topic. At least the exact time is still unclear. However, in the recently published "Nature" magazine, two articles about when humans first entered the Americas have attracted worldwide attention. Their research has advanced the time when humans entered or occupied the Americas by at least 10,000 years. That is to say, the new research believes that modern humans inhabited and multiplied on the American continent about 30,000 years ago. Of course, these two studies with more than 30 participants were not recognized by everyone, and there are still a lot of mysteries waiting to be solved in the research. The picture shows that on July 22, local time, researchers entered a cave in Zacatecas, central Mexico, which contained evidence of stone tools and other prehistoric humans.

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