At 2 o'clock in the afternoon on August 4, a car in Pan'an County, Zhejiang Province was besieged by floods at the downhill of the repaired reservoir in Xishang Village, Shuangfeng Township. Many people were trapped in the car. Pan'an County Fire Rescue Brigade and Jinhua Detachment Reinforcement Force went to the scene for rescue.

  When the rescuers arrived at the scene, the road flood had already covered their knees, the vehicle was parked halfway up the mountain, and there was a reservoir nearby. The flood was not only large, but also had a strong impact, making it difficult to move along the highway guardrail to rescue people. Rescuers found that the vehicle near the cliff side was the only place with less water, but the cliff height difference was nearly 10 meters. In desperation, everyone decided to climb the cliff to save others. A rescue team composed of firefighters and policemen, carrying safety ropes and life jackets, climbed along the rocks from the bottom of the cliff.

  The cliff is close to 70 degrees, and the equipment weighs about 50 kg. It took nearly 15 minutes for rescuers to reach 10 meters. After approaching the car, the fire rescue personnel handed the safety rope to the trapped person, who successfully rescued the trapped person from the car and moved to a safe area along the cliff.

  (Shao Hancheng, He Liting, Hu Xufeng, editor Li Jiali)

Editor in charge: [Li Yuxin]