Ikata Nuclear Power Plant Unit 3 Regular inspection Restarted after approximately half a year

Shikoku Electric Power Company restarted the regular inspection of the Ikata Nuclear Power Station Unit 3 in Ikata-cho, Ehime Prefecture, which had been interrupted due to a series of troubles, on the 5th after an interval of about half a year.

Since Ikata Nuclear Power Plant No. 3 is undergoing regular inspection, four problems were revealed since January, such as accidentally pulling out the control rod that adjusts the power output of the reactor, so Shikoku Electric Power will perform regular inspection from January 25. After discontinuing the report, I was preparing a report summarizing measures to prevent recurrence.

Ehime Prefecture and Ikata Town, which have verified this report, announced that they would allow the inspection to be resumed this month, so Shikoku Electric Power Company resumed regular inspections on the 5th, after about half a year.

Shikoku Electric Power Co., Inc. is scrutinizing the work process, including the impact of the inspection being suspended over the long term, but has yet to determine when the inspection will end.

Shikoku Electric Power Co., Ltd. commented, “We will ensure that recurrence prevention measures are implemented and that safety is our top priority.

On the other hand, regarding the Ikata nuclear power plant Unit 3, in January this year, the Hiroshima High Court issued a decision of provisional disposition that does not allow driving, and Shikoku Electric Power is challenging.

Furthermore, in March next year, the deadline for the installation of facilities for countering terrorism, which is required by the new regulatory standards for nuclear power plants, is approaching, but it is expected that completion will be delayed for about one year so far, The situation where I cannot see the future continues.