"Koh-Lanta": Discover the 24 candidates of the new season of "4 Terres" - 20 Minutes

It's always the same catchphrase… In the end, there will only be one left, but at the beginning, they are still 24! Never before have so many lovers of the jungle, basic comfort and cassava flown to Fiji for a Koh-Lanta season . After the phenomenal success of the last season (which was not won by Claude, we remind you), the TF1 program has the task of not disappointing viewers.

For this, the production has decided to bet on a new mechanism: to put the four French geographical opposites against each other. So there will be six candidates in each team from the north, south, west and east. Another novelty: the tribe that will finish in last position in each comfort test will head straight for the islet of exile, a place not very luxuriant.

Will candidates' attachment to their region be stronger than individual strategies at the time of reunification? Will the absolute precariousness of the islet of exile really change the situation for the immunity test? If we do not yet have the answer to these questions, we can however reassure the fans of the program: no, the half-episodes of Koh-Lanta will never come back, as the producer Alexia Laroche-Joubert assured during of the presentation of this new edition.


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