China News Service, Dalian, August 5 (Yang Yi and Deng Hanzhu) Wang Wentao, deputy director of the Dalian Municipal Market Supervision Administration, said at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control held by the local government on the 5th that after the outbreak of the epidemic on July 22, the Dalian market The Supervision Bureau supervised the operators to stop selling and remove the products from Dalian Kaiyang Seafood Company for storage.

  According to Wang Wentao, the Dalian Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau investigated Kaiyang’s stores, imports and sales as soon as possible, and adopted measures such as cessation of sales and off-shelf storage, and notified Dalian Kaiyang’s sales information to other cities and cities in the province in accordance with prescribed procedures. Other provinces, regions and cities.

  At the same time, re-examine and re-dispose of the storage and sales of frozen vannamei shrimp in Ecuador, fully grasp the purchase channels, purchase inspection procedures and sales destinations, and supervise the distributors to stop sales and seal the production of the three companies involved after March 12 And cooperated with the health department to carry out the new coronavirus nucleic acid test and sampling on the outer packaging, shrimp body, storage environment, sales environment, etc. of the frozen vannamei shrimp that was sealed off the shelf. All test results were negative.

  Regarding the supervision of cold chain food companies, as of July 27, the nucleic acid testing work for the production and processing enterprises of Leikaiyang aquatic products, the farmers' markets, fresh supermarkets, and bazaars selling seafood, as well as food-related cold storage employees, has been completed; as of July 27; On August 4, organized cold chain food companies and related companies to sign 4,023 epidemic prevention and control commitments. Focusing on the quality and safety supervision of imported aquatic products and imported meat, as of August 2, 2,422 sales units were investigated, and 1,065 imported aquatic products and meat products were being sold, and 2,123 other imported foods (including health foods) were being sold.

  In terms of antipyretic drug control, as of August 4, the city’s market supervision department has inspected 1,225 drug retail companies, focusing on whether the drug retail company’s banned antipyretic drugs have been removed from the shelves and whether the personal information of drug purchases has been carried out in accordance with regulations. For registration, whether to implement the daily reporting system, etc., a total of 53,500 people have registered and submitted antipyretic drugs purchase information.

  In addition, for the ongoing Chinese Super League, Wang Wentao said that the Market Supervision Administration has taken corresponding measures to reengineer the hotel’s food safety management process, and supervise and inspect the entire process of food raw material procurement, non-handover delivery acceptance, and meal processing. As of August 4, a total of 409 security personnel were dispatched, 52,753 person-times and 211 meals were guaranteed; 1,840 batches of food raw materials were quickly tested, including 2 batches of unqualified ATP, and a total of 28 points of hidden dangers were eliminated. (Finish)