75 years after the atomic bombing Today in Hiroshima, prayers for the memorial day of "Atomic Bomb" August 6, 1:52

Hiroshima celebrated the "Atomic Bomb Day" 75 years after the atomic bomb was dropped. With the impact of the new coronavirus, it becomes difficult to mourn as usual, but the city of Hiroshima, the atomic bombed area, is surrounded by a prayer to mourn the victims all day long, and a world without nuclear weapons We will send appeals for realization to domestic and overseas.

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony was held at 8:00 am on the 6th, the 75th year since the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, and representatives of the atomic bomb survivors and their bereaved families, Prime Minister Abe, and representatives of about 80 countries. Will attend.

However, at the Koshino ceremony, admission to the Peace Park at the venue was restricted to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, and the number of attendees was reduced to less than 10% of the usual number of attendees to eliminate the general attendee seats. It is a prospect.

At the ceremony, a list of 324,129 people who died in the past year, those who were confirmed dead, and a total of 424,129 people who were added to the names of the atomic bomb victims will be stored at the atomic bomb memorial monument.

And at 8:15 am, when the atomic bomb was dropped, all attendees will offer silence.

Regarding nuclear disarmament in the world, the nuclear weapons treaty adopted by the United Nations three years ago became uncertain as the trend toward the abolition of nuclear weapons became uncertain as nuclear powers proceeded to modernize nuclear weapons and deepened conflicts with non-nuclear powers. Has ratified 40 countries and has not reached the 50 countries required for it to enter into force.

The Mayor of Hiroshima City, Kazumi Matsui, will declare in the peace declaration on the 6th that he will ask the Japanese government to sincerely accept the wishes of the atomic bomb survivors seeking the signing and ratification of the Nuclear Weapons Convention and to participate in it. ..

We will also touch on the new coronavirus and encourage civil society to stand in solidarity, and use the word "solidarity" to seek the abolition of nuclear weapons and the realization of permanent peace in the world.

The average age of A-bomb survivors is over 83 years old, and the group of A-bomb survivors has been disbanded one after another, and the issue is how to continue the misery of the atomic bomb.

On the other hand, according to a questionnaire survey conducted by NHK, about 70% of the young generation in the United States answered that "we do not need nuclear weapons", and some people are expecting from the atomic bomb survivors to change their perceptions.

Hiroshima, the A-bomb site, was surrounded by prayers in memory of the victims every day on the 6th, and faced the voices of the A-bomb victims who hoped for a "peaceful world without nuclear weapons" rather than "peace by nuclear deterrence." We are going to send the appeal to both domestic and overseas.