This time, we will connect to the weather center to learn more about the rainy season.

Please tell me Mr. Thang Bin.

<Caster> The

rain clouds, which have developed strongly from the rainy season, now span North Korea and northern Gangwon.

As a result, there is still more than 30mm of rain per hour pouring into this red-looking area, and as much water vapor flows in from the south, today (5th), like this, heavy rain has started pouring all over the southern region.

Relatively, in Seoul, the rain is weak, so some of you may be wondering if the rain stops.

For the time being, it will show a pattern of repeating the stoppage after a heavy rain. Accordingly, heavy rain warnings centered on the central region will continue for some time.

In the future, more than 400mm of heavy rain will be poured into the northern part of the country until the day after tomorrow. Even in the south of Chungcheong, the amount will be considerable with 100~200mm.

It is characterized by the large variation in precipitation by region, especially in the northern part of Gyeonggi and the northern part of Gangwon.

From this night, it is expected that there will be many places where strong winds are issued as the wind blows very hard across the country.

Meanwhile, Lee Nam of Chungcheong will be in the midst of the heat wave, as well as the steaming heat.

For the time being, Jangmatbi is expected to continue for a long time until next week. As long as the accident continues, continue to be as safe as possible to avoid further damage.

(Ahyangbin Meteorological Caster)