"Black money fraud" Suspected of stealing 25 million yen from the president in Japan 5:24 on August 6

"A cash is needed to clean the black discolored banknotes." A foreigner man was arrested for saying that he made 25 million yen for the company president with such words and took it away after seeing the opportunity. This method is called “black money fraud” and has been confirmed in many countries around the world.

The arrest was made by Liberia nationality James Lee F. (42), who lives in Asakita Ward, Hiroshima City. According to an investigator, it is suspected that the president of a real estate company in Tokyo prepared 25 million yen in cash in June and stole it after seeing the gap.

When the suspect visited a victim's company with a friend to buy real estate, he said, "I have a banknote for payment, but it is black and dirty. It will be clean if mixed with chemicals together with unclean banknotes. I would like to ask for your cooperation."

After that, he said, "I'm going to get some medicine, so I'd like you to wait about 30 minutes." I didn't come back, and all the cash on the scene was gone.

Such methods are called “black money fraud” and have been confirmed in countries around the world for about 20 years. The Metropolitan Police Department is investigating the details of the situation and is also investigating the whereabouts of another man who was with him at the time.

The president who responded to the interview-History of the damage-

The president of the damaged real estate affiliate responded to the interview.

According to the president, in late May this year, he met with suspects who were “looking for real estate in Tokyo” and at that time he said, “I want to buy a building with a budget of 100 million yen”. ..

Looking back at that time, the president said, "I was actually visiting the property and I thought that I was serious about buying it. I met several times and felt like trusting and making a deal." I will.

When the contract procedure goes on and talks about payment methods, the suspect asks, "I have cash in hand, but the banknotes are discolored black, so please cooperate with me to clean it."

He said, "You can clean the discolored banknotes by mixing them with the clean banknotes and mixing them with chemicals," and actually showed off a few black banknotes in front of you.

Believing in this method, the president and an acquaintance prepared 25 million yen in cash as instructed by the suspect, and later helped to sprinkle the dirty banknote with chemicals.

However, the suspects did not return while saying "I will wait for 30 minutes because I am going to get medicine", and when I noticed that 25 million yen was gone.

The president said, "When I look back, there were a lot of suspicious points, but I believed in the other party from somewhere. I hate the other party, but I feel that I had the desire to make a good deal by helping. I should have consulted with other people because it is impossible if I think about it carefully."