The man insulted and beat his wife and was killed by his mother-in-law
  Inner Mongolia Naiman Banner police detected a murder case

  □ Our reporter Yan Aiyong

  □ Correspondent Lu Jicheng

  Since the launch of the "Yunjian-2020" special operation, the Public Security Bureau of Naiman Banner, Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has adhered to the work philosophy of "people first" and "homicide cases must be solved", resolutely protecting the lives of the people and maintaining social stability. Recently, they successfully cracked one The murder and burning of corpses nine years ago.

  On the afternoon of March 1, 2011, the Mingren Police Station of the Public Security Bureau of Naiman Banner received a report from a sheepboy in its jurisdiction stating that he found a burnt male corpse while shepherding sheep on a farmland at the junction of Mingrensumu and Kailu County. When the police arrived at the scene, they saw that the corpse was a male, wrapped in safflower cotton mattress, had been burned beyond recognition, wearing only a pair of underwear, due to heavy snow a few days ago, the scene vaguely visible residual rutting marks. The police quickly reported the situation at the scene to the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Qi Public Security Bureau.

  After careful investigation, the police of the Criminal Investigation Brigade believed that the case was complicated and it was very likely to be an intentional homicide. They filed the case for investigation with the "2011.3.1" nameless corpse burning case and set up a special team to fully carry out the investigation. The police of the task force focused on the scene of the crime, cast a net to investigate suspicious vehicles and missing persons, and issued assistance to neighboring counties and provinces. A few months passed, and the task force found nothing, and due to the limitations of the technical conditions at the time, the case was deadlocked.

  For 9 years, the Neiman police have never given up on the investigation of this case, and the case has been hanging in the hearts of the police handling the case like a big rock.

  Since the beginning of this year, the Naiman Banner Public Security Bureau has thoroughly implemented the work arrangements of its superiors, reorganized the accumulative homicide cases, gave full play to the advantages of the reform of the "large departments, large police class" system and the technical advantages of the investigative science and technology center, and intensified the attack on accumulative homicide cases. Reconstruction efforts, once again mobilized elite forces to set up a task force to tackle the "2011·3.1" nameless corpse burning case.

  The police of the task force have always maintained the confidence of reforming the police and prospering the police with science and technology, and the high spirit and perseverance of "do not solve this case, never give up", once again combed and analyzed the relevant material evidence of the case, and all the participating policemen were unarmed, non-stop, day and night. Fighting hard, moving to Shandong, Henan, Liaoning and other 8 provinces for investigation and verification, finally obtained an important clue in Baicheng City, Jilin Province.

  Police investigations learned that a man surnamed Han in Baicheng went missing around 2011. His family claimed that Han had married a woman in Kailu County, Tongliao City, but they did not know more about the woman. Immediately, the police rushed to Kailu County. After a lot of meticulous work, it was found that Han had married a Kailu woman Hou Mouli and had a son, Hou Mouxu. After technical comparison, it was confirmed that the unknown corpse was Hou Mou Xu's biological father, Han.

  On July 29, the police handling the case took Hou Mouli and her parents to the Naiman Banner Public Security Bureau for investigation. Due to the long duration of the case, Hou Mouli’s mother, Zhang Mouying, had a fluke mentality and tried to evade punishment, evasive about the facts of the crime, and refused to explain. In response to this situation, the police handling the case, while preaching policies and laws to him, understood them with reason and moved with emotion, and finally broke through Zhang's psychological defense.

  According to Zhang Mouying's confession, Han often insulted and beat Hou Mouli after marriage, and she had a murderous heart on Han Mou because she felt distressed for her daughter. On the evening of February 22, 2011, Zhang Moouying used an axe to violently hit Han Mo on the head while Han Mo was asleep, causing him to die on the spot. Zhang Moying and his son Hou Mouliang and his daughter Hou Mouli, general Han Mo The corpse was transported to a farmland in Mingren Sumu, Naiman Banner. In order to prevent the incident from being exposed, they burned Han's corpse with gasoline.

  On July 30, the criminal suspect Hou Mouliang surrendered under strong pressure from the public security organs.

  At present, the three criminal suspects have been criminally detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law, and the case is under further processing.