The archaeology department is also very common for women now. Under the scorching sun, the girls, like the boys, held the archaeological shovel in close contact with the soil.

  □Dahe News · Dahe Client Reporter Zhang Yiwen

  "676 points in the college entrance examination", "left-behind girl", "Beijing University Archaeology"... One after another unique label makes the archaeological circle that is not popular in the eyes of the world once again like hot searches.

  "After getting admitted to Peking University, why didn't you choose a popular major?" "Archaeology is very difficult, and it is not something a little girl can bear!" "Left-behind families should choose a major that can make money after graduation, such as Peking University's economic management." After the admission notice was warmed up, Zhong Fangrong, a Hunan girl who was admitted to Peking University and chose to major in archaeology, was questioned by netizens.

  In the eyes of many netizens, archaeology majors require fieldwork, and they are relatively unpopular. Among them, there are very few girls, which is enough to show that archeology majors are not suitable for girls.

  Is the truth like this? A reporter from Dahe Daily and Dahe Client found that, in fact, the discipline of cultural, museum and archaeology in colleges and universities is no longer the "monk class" that people called it decades ago!

  Left-behind girls apply for the archaeology department and the archaeological circle will send blessings

  On July 23rd, Zhong Fangrong, a left-behind girl from Leiyang, Hunan, got the fourth place in the liberal arts of Hunan Province with a score of 676 points. More than 50 teachers went to the village overnight to celebrate. The villagers also set off firecrackers to celebrate. Hope for the whole village". When the news of Zhong Fangrong's plan to apply for the Department of Archaeology at Peking University was posted on the Internet, many netizens who followed her expressed "unintelligible". The reason is simple. The major of archaeology is not suitable for girls.

  After learning that some netizens felt that archaeology had no future, a group of big guys disagreed. They decided to join hands to send Zhong Fangrong a blessing from the archaeological circle.

  As a result, Zhong Fangrong received the signatures of the authors including "Shanxi Precious Cultural Relics Archive 9", "Discover Hunan Series", "Goodbye Jingyuan-2018 China Underwater Archaeological "Jingyuan Ship" Investigation Report". Chapter edition, "The Collection of Xinle Culture Essays" and other series of books from cultural and cultural institutions across the country.

  It is worth mentioning that among the many cultural and expo gift packages, the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology also intimately presented a customized ruler and an archaeological hand shovel.

  On August 2, Zhong Fangrong opened his Weibo and posted: "Unexpectedly, so many people would be interested in the archaeology major I applied for. I have liked history and cultural relics since I was a child. I was influenced by Mr. Fan Jinshi, so I applied for the archaeology major. I am very grateful to the teachers in the archaeology community on Weibo for their encouragement. I hope I can communicate with you more and learn more here in the future."

  Afterwards, Fan Jinshi, the honorary dean of the Dunhuang Academy, also sent Zhong Fangrong an oral autobiography "My heart is home to Dunhuang: Fan Jinshi's self-report" as a blessing, and wrote a letter to encourage her not to forget her original intentions, stick to her ideals, and calm down. Study hard.

  In the Weibo comment area, in addition to netizens supporting Zhong Fangrong, more netizens are sour: "The little girl who has been spoiled by the national archaeological circle has a feeling that the archaeological circle is late to the female!" "Like a big sect Guo Xiang, who is new to the group pet, is nothing more than that?" Some netizens said with a smile, in this scene, are you afraid of not finding a job?

  "Monk Class" has become history, and most of the women have already studied archaeology

  As we all know, among the many majors in colleges and universities, there are many faculties with a large gender gap. They are nicknamed "monk classes", and they are generally concentrated in aerospace, civil engineering, machinery, mining engineering and other majors.

  Once upon a time, the Department of Archaeology was also one of the "monk classes". It is no wonder that netizens would be surprised by Zhong Fangrong's application for archaeology.

  As early as March 2019, Dahe Daily Hezhizhou Weekly published the article "Archaeological Rose: Female Archaeological Team Walking in the Field". At that time, a reporter from Dahe Daily interviewed Li Suting, a researcher at the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, and Wang Juan, an animal archaeologist at the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology.

  In the interview, Li Suting, a researcher at the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, recalled her career and was full of emotion: "In the 1980s and 1990s, there were not many women majoring in archaeology from school to work. The Department of Archaeology of Zhengzhou University has been for a long time. There are only one or two girls in each session, and many times there are "monk classes". I broke this convention when I went to college in 1984 and recruited three girls. So when I first started working, the leader wanted to arrange I went to do cultural relic identification because it is not convenient for lesbians to go to the fields. They go to remote rural areas and they are not as good as boys when dealing with locals."

  Therefore, for a long time, Li Suting was the only woman engaged in field excavations in the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology. However, in just a few short years, the archaeology majors that often appeared in the "monk class" were gradually leaning toward the "princess class".

  In May 2019, a reporter from Dahe Daily and Dahe Client went with Hou Weidong, associate professor of Henan University at the archaeological excavation site of Zhengzhou Shangcheng Ruins, to visit the students from the Department of Archaeology and Arts and Sciences of Heda University who were intern here. What impressed me deeply was the 27 intern students. , There are only 5 boys. Under the scorching sun, the girls came in and out of the grid cut into the grid just like the boys, holding the archeological shovel and making close contact with the soil.

  Hou Weidong has been conducting internships with students majoring in archaeology and cultural sciences at Henan University for many years. According to his memories, as early as 2001 when he was undergraduate at Heda, the archaeology department was mostly female, and there were 8 girls out of 15 people. Most of the students in 2001 are girls.

  The Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, and the underwater archaeology leader of the Pengshan Jiangkou Shenyin Ruins @Archaeology Jun once posted a Weibo in August 2018, and the statistics are the ratio of male to female in each college of Peking University.

  Among them, the ratio of male to female for archaeology majors is 1:3, which is only lower than the 1:4 of the art college and 1:3.26 of the Chinese major, and even far higher than the foreign language college and the new biography college where the "Princess Class" gathered in the traditional impression.

  Netizens questioned that one of the reasons Zhong Fangrong applied for the archaeology major was that there was no money in archaeology. Is this really the case? In an interview with the domestic media, Sun Lu, the head of the Department of Archaeology, Culture and Museum of Inner Mongolia University, said that in fact, archaeological institutes, museums, cultural relics management departments and other institutions are all choices for archaeology students, and the salary level is the same as that of local ordinary civil servants. There is no problem of low income.

  "You can't just look at the salary. Archeology is a kind of generalist. The growth of a generalist takes time. The age of 45 is the maturity period of a generalist. Every major has its ups and downs. Who can guarantee that the major you report will still be when you graduate? Hot?" Sun Lu said.

  As a girl, can you realize your archaeological dream?

  Archaeology has become more popular in recent years, and more and more senior middle school students are looking forward to joining them, including girls. In Zhihu, many girls asked, "As a girl, should I study archaeology? What should I do?" "How hard can a girl learn archeology?"

  Li Suting told a reporter from Dahe Daily and Dahe Client that archaeological excavation is a hard and boring job. Excavation sites are generally in rural areas with inconvenient transportation and relatively backward economy. In the work, they have to deal with infrastructure departments, local governments, and local villagers. More difficulties encountered. But in her opinion, these difficulties in work have nothing to do with gender. There are indeed some inconveniences in life during field archaeology, which are mainly reflected in women's menstrual period, bathing, and toileting.

  Archaeology is a job frequently stationed abroad, so how to deal with the relationship between career and family is also a problem that every female archaeologist must face. Wang Juan, an animal archaeologist at the Henan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, recalled that in the United States and Australia, a large proportion of the people in charge of archaeological projects were women, and many students participated in field excavations. "There is an Australian female teacher. When she is hosting archaeological excavations outside, her husband takes on more family affairs, and will take the children to the construction site to reunite with her in his free time. The understanding and support between the husband and wife is very good. Important." Wang Juan said.