Ballerina Stephanie (33), from the group Cheon Sang Ji-hee, confessed that she started dating without knowing the age difference between her lover,'The Major League Legend' Brady Anderson (56) and'Double Bandage'.

Stephanie, who appears on MBC'Radio Star', which will be aired on the 5th, will speak directly about the passionate news that recently attracted attention.

In the previous recording, Stephanie revealed that her boyfriend, former major league Brady Anderson, was one year older than Kim Kuk-jin, and then released a love story that surpassed the 23-year-old difference, saying, "It's my brother's age, but I rotate two wheels. .

Brady Anderson is an MLB legend that is one of the quickest hitters and has become a synonym for'Hota Junjok' who hit 50 home runs in one season. It is said that Stephanie showed off her affection by saying, "Oh, it's so cool," she confessed to knowing her boyfriend and double-brother age tea and her MLB performance.

Stephanie admitted to passionately in June, when a passionate relationship with Brady Anderson broke out and posted on her own social media in a handwritten form, saying, "I'm happy to meet you with a good relationship, so if you look pretty, I will appreciate it."

Stephanie made her debut as a member of the Grace Entertainment SM group Cheon Sang Ji-hee in 2005, and later worked as a solo singer and musical actress, and is currently focusing on ballet since childhood.

Born in 1964, Brady Anderson made his major league debut at the Boston Red Sox in 1988 and played for the Baltimore Orioles and the Cleveland Indians. She divorced and married a Bulgarian singer, Sonia Vasi.

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MBC'Radio Star'] (SBS funE Reporter Sun-ae Kang)