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There is already an appointment to head the Secretary of State for Health that the Government announced yesterday. The new secretary of state is called Silvia Calzón, she is 45 years old, she is a specialist in Preventive Medicine and until now she worked as a primary care epidemiologist in the Seville Health District.

On paper, the profile of the new directive that the Council of Ministers has appointed today is in line with the predominant role that the Sánchez Executive wants to give the new body in the necessary coordination with the autonomous communities to face the health crisis generated by Covid -19.

Calzón is an epidemiologist -one of the key professional profiles in pandemic management-, a master's degree in Public Health and Health Economics -which presupposes knowledge of organization and structural planning- and, in addition, she has worked in primary care , the level of care that both the Ministry of Health and the Autonomous Communities have identified as a priority for the control of outbreaks and the monitoring of new cases.

But he also has experience in health management -he has been manager of the health areas of South Córdoba and South of Seville-, so that, in addition to his strictly medical profile, he theoretically combines the management and negotiation skills that organizations yesterday claimed professionals and health directives for the person who took charge of the new department.

Now it is only necessary that the proven capacity that your curriculum vitae is sufficient to exercise an "agile, effective and transparent" coordination - as the sector also asked yesterday - with communities that have transferred the bulk of health competencies, and that they can equip the new ministerial body with the capacity, infrastructure, means and personnel necessary to "face present and future challenges, including those derived from the Covid-19 pandemic", as stated in the emphatic ministerial note announcing his appointment.

At the moment, it will be in charge of a structure that, organically, will maintain the same number of general directorates that the defunct General Secretariat of Health had (Public Health, Common Portfolio of SNS and Pharmacy Services, Professional Organization and Government Delegation of the National Plan on Drugs). At the head of these general directorates, their current managers remain: Pilar Aparicio, Patricia Lacruz, Rodrigo Gutiérrez Fernández and Azucena Martí , respectively.

Budding Digitization

The General Secretariat of Health, which until now was occupied by Faustino Blanco, becomes the new General Secretariat of Digital Health, Information and Innovation of the National Health System (SNS), and Alfredo González has been appointed by the Council of Ministers (Zamora, 1976), graduated in Law and in Political and Administration Science from the University of Salamanca. Among other positions, González has been deputy secretary-general of the Presidency of the Government and, within the health field, undersecretary in the Ministry of Health.

The newly released Secretary General of Digital Health - which will be the name of his position - will assume all the responsibilities related to innovation in the health system and industry, the digitization of the SNS, the management of health information and health innovation projects.

A new General Directorate, that of Digital Health and Information Systems for the SNS, will hang from the General Secretariat of González, which will be occupied by Juan Fernando Muñoz , until now deputy general director of Information Technologies in the Ministry of Health.

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