Bring an umbrella! Beijing today and tomorrow frequent thunderstorms, temperature drop

  China Weather News Today and tomorrow (August 5th to 6th), the cloud cover in Beijing will increase, there will be rain, the temperature will drop slightly, the highest temperature is just over 30℃, but the sense of sultry heat will increase, the public still need to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and travel Bring rain gear and avoid it in time if there is a thunderstorm.

  Controlled by the ridge of warm high pressure, the weather in Beijing was fine during the day from August 3 to 4, and the solar radiation temperature increased significantly. High temperatures above 37°C occurred in most areas of the plain, and the temperature exceeded 40°C locally. At 16:00 yesterday, the temperature in the Southern Suburb Observatory, which represents Beijing’s weather, reached 37.8°C at 15:11, setting the highest temperature record this year.

Yesterday, Beijing Sunny Day was online. (Photo/Wang Xiao)

  The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that there will be more rainy weather in Beijing in the three days from today, especially in the southern region where rainfall is relatively obvious and the temperature drops slightly. Among them, during the daytime, cloudy (light fog in the south in the morning) turned overcast, thunderstorms in most areas, north to south wind of 2 to 3, the highest temperature 32 ℃; at night, cloudy days, the lowest temperature 23 ℃.

  Two days after tomorrow, Beijing’s sky will be full of clouds, and the temperature will remain around 30°C. There will still be thunderstorms or showers in Beijing tomorrow, and the public should pay attention to bringing rain gear when traveling.

  Meteorological experts reminded that in the three days from today, although the temperature in Beijing has dropped slightly, the humidity has increased and the sultry feeling has increased. It is still necessary to pay attention to heatstroke prevention. In addition, there will be thunderstorms in Beijing today and tomorrow. The public needs to bring rain gear when traveling, and pay attention to lightning and rain protection. In the near future, you should avoid going to mountainous areas to prevent geological disasters.