China News Service, Jinhua, August 4 (Reporter Xi Jinyan) Typhoon Hagupit made landfall on the coast of Yueqing, Zhejiang at around 3:30 on the 4th. The maximum wind force near the center was 13 (38 m/s) when it landed. Then all the way north, carrying wind and rain. Affected by the typhoon, the central and southern regions such as Lishui and Jinhua in Zhejiang ushered in heavy precipitation, especially Jinyun, Qingtian, Pan'an and other places were affected by the rainfall. Some villages were seriously affected. The local area is carrying out emergency rescue.

Party members and cadres in Gui'ao Township, Qingtian cleared the highway in the rain. Provided by Qingtian Media Group

  Affected by the "Hagupit" circulation, this morning, there were moderate to heavy rains and partial torrential rains in the eastern part of Lishui. There were short-term gusts of magnitude 6-8 in the middle and high mountains; other areas were cloudy to overcast with showers, and the typhoon circulation weakened northward in the afternoon. The precipitation has significantly weakened.

  On August 3, Lishui City’s Defense Department issued a work deployment instruction to the eight counties that were mainly affected by the typhoon, requiring all localities to redeploy personnel transfers, and issue transfers based on the departments of natural resources, construction, water conservancy, agriculture and rural areas. According to the number of guidance, local townships are required to re-examine the transfer of personnel from dangerous areas. As of 21:00 on August 3, 5,929 people reported to be transferred have been verified and 5929 people have been transferred.

Qingtian Zhenbu Town organized town and village officials to clean fallen trees in Chenzhuan Village. Provided by Qingtian Media Group

  Affected by the typhoon, the eastern part of Lishui received heavy rainfall, and many towns and villages such as Huangyang Township, Gui'ao Township, Zhenbu Town and Gaohu Town in Qingtian were affected to varying degrees. Qingtian is actively organizing all-out efforts for disaster relief, and has started a typhoon defensive battle.

The Qingtian Gui'ao Township Government compound was flooded. Provided by Qingtian Media Group

  It is reported that Huangyang Township has experienced mountain landslides, road flooding, mining area wash-out, and reservoir overflow; Gui'ao Township's river water level has risen, mountain crops have been damaged; Zhenbu Township has suffered large crop losses, and several acres of quinoa land have been lifted. Turn over; People are trapped in Gaohu Town. At present, party members and cadres in various townships are rushing to repair and organize rescue forces to rescue the trapped people.

  In addition, affected by the typhoon, Lishui Dongxiyan Scenic Area, Qingtian Shimen Cave Scenic Area, Qingtian Qiansi Rock Cultural Park, Qingtian Xiaozhou Scenic Area, Jinyun Dalongmen Scenic Area, Longquan Baoxi Scenic Area, and Jinyun Xiandu Scenic Area have been closed.

Party members and cadres in Huangyang Township, Qingtian, took the rain to rescue the disaster, and the flood overflowed their thighs. Provided by Qingtian Media Group

  According to the changes in the path of Typhoon Hagupit, in order to ensure the safety of passenger trains, the railway department decided to extend the temporary suspension period from 14:00 on August 3 to 8:00 on the 4th to 11:00 on the 4th. (Shenzhen Railway) The trains between Taizhou and Cangnan, and between Lishui and Wenzhou South on the Jinwen Railway have taken measures such as temporary suspension and adjustment of operating sections.

  At 10 o'clock in the morning, "Haguebee" struck Panfeng Township, Pan'an County, Jinhua City, moving northward at a speed of about 20 kilometers per hour, and its intensity gradually weakened. It passed through eastern Jinhua (Pan'an, Dongyang) around noon today. The area goes north.

The cadres of the two committees of Neifeng Village in Gaohu Town, Qingtian helped the villagers build a waterproof dam. Provided by Qingtian Media Group

  Affected by this, significant precipitation has occurred in Pan'an, Yongkang and other places in the east of Jinhua. From 14:00 on the 3rd to 10:00 on the 4th, the average area rainfall in Jinhua City was 11.6 mm, with the larger ones being 54.4 mm in Pan’an, 31.1 mm in Yongkang, and 14.3 in Dongyang. Mm. There are 27 stations larger than 50 mm, the maximum accumulated rainfall is 105.3 mm in Pan'an Dalbergia Forest Farm, and 38 stations have strong winds above level 7.

  The impact of the current typhoon on Zhejiang has not yet ended. Affected by "Hagupit", it is expected that there will be heavy rains and heavy rains in northern Wenzhou, Taizhou, Ningbo, eastern Jinhua, Shaoxing, Jiaxing and other places today, some heavy rains, and local heavy rains; the rain weakens at night, but there are still heavy rains in Jiaxing and other places. . Today there are still 10 to 13 wind gusts in the coastal areas and coastal seas of central and southern Zhejiang, which gradually weaken to 9 to 10 in the evening; 10 to 12 winds in the coastal areas of northern Zhejiang and Hangzhou Bay, and 9 to 11 in the coastal areas of northern Zhejiang. (Finish)