China News Service, Wenzhou, August 4 (Xiang Jing, Li Dian, Fan Yubin) "Woke up by violent storms at night, and it is no exaggeration to say that'the earth is shaking and the mountains are shaking'." Following the direct attack of the strong typhoon "Dandelion" in 2004, August At around 3:30 on the 4th, a typhoon landed in Yueqing, Wenzhou, Zhejiang 16 years later. Ms. Yang, a Wenzhou citizen, described the typhoon "Hagupit" after the "landing".

  Affected by the second typhoon that landed on the coast of China this year, strong winds were raging in many coastal areas such as Wenzhou, Taizhou, Zhejiang, and heavy rain.

  Before landing, "Haguebee" came fiercely. In the early morning of the 4th, Yuhuan, Taizhou, was stormy and rainy. Trees on the main road of the Lion City Line, Yucheng Street, Yuhuan City, were uprooted and fell over the entire driveway. A takeaway boy was raged by the wind and had to hold a roadside pillar to stabilize his body.

Anti-Taiwan scene. Photo courtesy of Yueqing Emergency Management Bureau 

  Wenzhou Dongtou, which had been "positively attacked", set off a huge wave several meters high. Affected by "Hagupit", the 14 crew members who had taken shelter in Dongsha Fishing Port of Dongtou were stranded in a public toilet in the fishing port due to lack of transportation. In the end, the local fishery administration and law enforcement agencies dispatched 4 rescue vehicles to rescue them.

  The eye of the "Hagupit" typhoon is another scene. Here the wind subsides and the rain stops, and the rare "fourteen round" moon can even be seen in the quiet night. Soon, as the typhoon passed by, the wind and rain started again.

Anti-Taiwan scene. Photo courtesy of Yueqing Emergency Management Bureau 

  "After I checked the circle of friends, I found out that everyone has long been sleepless and I was very scared." Ms. Yang said in an interview that typhoons are not common in Wenzhou, but basically affect the coastal districts (counties, cities). "This time, the city Many people in the district have their windows blown open. To be honest, it is really rare to feel the power of this typhoon."

  At the same time, electricity and transportation in some coastal areas of Zhejiang have been greatly affected. Among them, there are 33 main lines and 50 branch lines in Wenling, Taizhou, which affected 138,400 users. Trains running between Taizhou and Cangnan on the Hangzhou-Shenzhen Railway, and between Lishui and Wenzhou South on the Jinwen Railway were temporarily suspended or adjusted. Prior to this, the Ningbo Railway Station also suspended 110 trains due to "Hagupit".

Yueqing in the early morning on the 4th. Photo by Fan Yubin

  After landing, the momentum of "Hagupit" will gradually weaken. According to its path, it will pass through Zhejiang and Jiangsu successively, move from northern Jiangsu to the west of the Yellow Sea during the day on the 5th, and then turn to the northeast. (Finish)